Dating the ramp..!

I can’t even count the number of clothes that I have in my wardrobe that I have worn just once! My heart aches to spend so much money on just that one good looking garment that I need for only one particular event and then it just sits in the back of my wardrobe catching dust. Oh and don’t even get me started on how I can’t repeat my statement clothes because I already have pictures in that outfit on my social media.

The struggle is real, right? Please tell me I am not the only one who goes through this drama! Read More


Pretty Polka Dots

Hey, you guys!

When it comes to dresses, I wasn’t really a fan of polka dots as I thought they were too boring, but it was like love at first sight when I spotted this one particular dress at the Lifestyle Store. I knew it right then and there that no matter what I am going to buy it, and I was super lucky to find my perfect size in that crazy year sale. Read More

Embrace yourself..!

Since quite some time now, I was really trying hard to stay away from all the negativity and embrace my true self by finding myself. People around me, be it friends or people associated with me, just affected me negatively and demotivated me. Sure, it did pull me down, but then I thought, do I really need this in my life? Should I actually give such an important and huge power of positivity and motivation to mere strangers? No. These two beautiful powers lie just with me. I know I am a positive person, I know I am more than what you know, I know I am different because I am me. No one else can be me. If even I start running in the race of being someone else or be like someone else, then even if I win, I will lose myself in that race. Read More

Hues of Blue

Hey, you guys!

If you follow me on Instagram, you would know that I had taken a little trip this month to Indore. Now, since it was just a three-day trip and most of it was visiting temples and just chilling in the hotel. I didn’t want to carry any fancy outfits just for this, and I decided to stick to the basics – Jeans and T-shirts. I am not much of a ‘Shirt-Fan’, but this one Shirt made me change my mind. A nice Light Blue colored Shirt with rolled up sleeves and a Dark Ripped Denim Jeans can take your outfit to a whole another level. How can we further improve this outfit, you ask? Simply pair it up with nice White Shoes to get that cool smart look and throw on a Cap and Glares and voila! Read More

Casual Lunch Outfit

Hey, you guys!

Every girl has a closet full of clothes yet she has nothing to wear, right? ( you know, the struggle is real! ) Even I keep on having such moments, but this time around I thought a way out of this whole situation – Mix and Match. So I had bought this really simple yet cute, light pink basic top and I had not really worn it before. After much contemplation, I thought of pairing it up with my black legging, so that the focus remains on the top. It was looking really nice and cute, but my shoes were just too simple, so even though I wanted to wear something comfortable, but it was just pulling down my look, and I decided to pull out my heels. Little did I know, that just a simple pair of heels could transform my outfit. I ended up loving that look. Here are some pictures from that day and the outfit details are below! Read More

Summer shorts

Shorts for Summer!

Hey, you guys!

Summers in Mumbai can literally make you go crazy, but it’s the perfect time to pull out those sexy shorts and take over the town. You can never, ever go wrong with shorts and top. Shorts are for life, a perfect piece of clothing that can save you from this killing heat. I paired up my denim shorts with a perfect solid blue colour top that has a beautiful lace work running at the bottom. Since I wanted my look to be a sporty one, I completed the look with my white sneakers and cool go-to backpack. Summer fashion trends are the most amazing one as you can finally utilise your complete wardrobe. So, wait no more and pull out those sexy shorts from your wardrobe and style them to perfection! Read More