Hello November | You can do it

Hey, you guys!

How is it November already! How is time passing so fast! Anyway, November is going to be a crazy month for me, in terms of studies, but there are so many festivals and events lined up for this month, I just don’t know how I’m going to make the most out of it. Time management and planning is the key here. That’s exactly what I’m going to do right after finishing up this blog post. Read More


Hello March

Hey, you guys!

Hope you guys had a great month! Mine was very long and hectic, as I had my assignments due. But now that that is over, I can finally get back to work. Over the time, I have realized that these are nothing but excuses. Excuses to not work hard enough, excuses to slack off, and finding another excuse to cover up this excuse. Read More

Hello December!

Hey, you guys!

Last month, last chance to change your year, last step, last chapter. You still have 30 days in your hands to transform or at least bring about a slight change in whatever you want to do. It’s never too late for anything. I am truly happy about my November, I had so many new opportunities coming my way, and I am so glad that I walked straight into it and didn’t close my doors on them. That’s one thing that I have learned, that no matter what, every now and then some door will open up for you, just be patient and smart enough to recognize even that small gap of light shining through the little cracks of this door. Read More

Hello October

Hey, you guys!

September was a such a great month for me, I hope you had a great month too! 3 months to go for the year to end, time to pull up your socks and accomplish the goals you had planned for this year! You can do it! It is never too late to get your act together, you just need to realize that and start working on it, and watch everything fall into place right in front of your eyes. Read More

Hello September

Hey, you guys!

September is here! August just whiffed past me and there are just 4 months left for the year to end! Wow! That was quick, right? Well, at least for me it was. Anyway, now that September is here, you are going to see a lot more happening in this space as well as on my Instagram. (Go follow me there)

There are so many things planned and lined up for the month of September and the following months too. We have collaborations, shoots, and videos lined up. Also, I am going to take a little holiday this month, a much needed holiday I must say. And just somehow this month is already giving me great vibes. I have got this feeling that amazing and huge things are going to happen in September. Read More

Take a Deep Breath

Take a deep breath and blow your mind. Off lately, I have had a huge pile of pending work sitting on my head and it had to be done at any cost. But for the first time ever I think, I didn’t panic. Yeah, I did fuss about it, but then soon enough I realised that there is no point in fussing about it, instead I need to stay calm and get things done.

While I was sitting there, looking at the never ending tasks lying in front of me, I pushed myself to shop wasting my time and get things moving. I mentally jotted down the things to be done for the day and started ticking them off my list. By the end of the day, I can say with a relaxing yet tiresome smile on my face that I did it.

The satisfaction of finishing off huge tasks or at least partially getting done with them is worth all the efforts. Though I haven’t really finished off all my tasks, but I am in the safe zone now and that is enough for me.

Whenever you are in a panicky situation or you are feeling stressed out, try this:
Keep all the distractions away, close your eyes, list down your tasks in order of priority, take a deep breath, exhale, and get ready to knock the items off your list like a boss.

You don’t external motivation, you have yourself, take a deep breath and do it yourself, the sooner the better.

PS: I was so tired after the hectic day, but the satisfaction of completing it and also the urge to empty my head over here, forced me to switch on my MacBook and write this blog. Ah! Feels so good.

Take a deep breath, because everything is possible