Lately I have realized that I have been procrastinating a lot, my answer to every work or situation or task would be β€˜I will do it tomorrow/ I will start from tomorrow’ and I am really fed up of pushing things ahead. So to tackle this whole thing I have started writing down the tasks that I am supposed to complete the next day, a to-do list. So now, whenever I go to bed I just take a minute before that to jot down my tasks for the next day. And you know what pushes me to complete those tasks? Guilt!

At the end of the day, I open my book and tick/check the items that I have successfully completed throughout the day and I feel good about that and myself. I feel that I have not wasted my day and got something out of it instead. And just to not feel guilty or bad about not being able to tick a task, I push myself throughout the day to get each and every item done by the end of the day, by hook or by crook. I try to squeeze it in come what may.

I found this trick to really help me a lot. So if you are a procrastinator, you need to try this, to-do lists really help!

Closeup image of notepad with pen.