Take a Deep Breath

Take a deep breath and blow your mind. Off lately, I have had a huge pile of pending work sitting on my head and it had to be done at any cost. But for the first time ever I think, I didn’t panic. Yeah, I did fuss about it, but then soon enough I realised that there is no point in fussing about it, instead I need to stay calm and get things done.

While I was sitting there, looking at the never ending tasks lying in front of me, I pushed myself to shop wasting my time and get things moving. I mentally jotted down the things to be done for the day and started ticking them off my list. By the end of the day, I can say with a relaxing yet tiresome smile on my face that I did it.

The satisfaction of finishing off huge tasks or at least partially getting done with them is worth all the efforts. Though I haven’t really finished off all my tasks, but I am in the safe zone now and that is enough for me.

Whenever you are in a panicky situation or you are feeling stressed out, try this:
Keep all the distractions away, close your eyes, list down your tasks in order of priority, take a deep breath, exhale, and get ready to knock the items off your list like a boss.

You don’t external motivation, you have yourself, take a deep breath and do it yourself, the sooner the better.

PS: I was so tired after the hectic day, but the satisfaction of completing it and also the urge to empty my head over here, forced me to switch on my MacBook and write this blog. Ah! Feels so good.

Take a deep breath, because everything is possible



Lately I have realized that I have been procrastinating a lot, my answer to every work or situation or task would be ‘I will do it tomorrow/ I will start from tomorrow’ and I am really fed up of pushing things ahead. So to tackle this whole thing I have started writing down the tasks that I am supposed to complete the next day, a to-do list. So now, whenever I go to bed I just take a minute before that to jot down my tasks for the next day. And you know what pushes me to complete those tasks? Guilt!

At the end of the day, I open my book and tick/check the items that I have successfully completed throughout the day and I feel good about that and myself. I feel that I have not wasted my day and got something out of it instead. And just to not feel guilty or bad about not being able to tick a task, I push myself throughout the day to get each and every item done by the end of the day, by hook or by crook. I try to squeeze it in come what may.

I found this trick to really help me a lot. So if you are a procrastinator, you need to try this, to-do lists really help!

Closeup image of notepad with pen.