5 ways to de-stress

With the current lifestyle, we hardly get any time to relax and just be by ourselves. The crazy working hours along with the extra hours that we put into the commute leads to a bad work-life balance. With every passing day, the stress levels are increasing rapidly in every person. Even weekends aren’t enough to unwind and rejuvenate ourselves. What can be a good solution to this problem? We need to address it from the root cause and not just the stressful layer that we can see on the outside. It is important to eradicate or at least address the issue from the base, the mind level. Read More


Hello February

Hey, you guys!

One month down, already? Damn! Time does fly. Make use of each and every day before it passes you by. A day spent doing nothing, is a day wasted! January was like a breeze that just kissed me and passed away. It was a good month, planned a lot of stuff that is going to be coming up on the blog, as well as Instagram, so don’t forget to follow me there, some super amazing shoots are lined up in collaboration with a variety of brands! Read More

Hello January’18

And just like that, it’s a new year and a new month! The last year just zoomed past me, but I am kind of excited for this month. I generally like being super packed with respect to my schedule, and this month is packed already. It’s just the third day of the month and I am all booked. (I like it)

Most of this month will go into learning new Yoga related things and kind of transforming the blog a little. My Instagram that had taken a little step back is all set to be back in the game as I already have some amazing pictures lined up and also a few shoots have been locked for the coming days. That’s it, that’s how my January 2018 is going to be. What about you, what are your plans for this month?

In general, for 2018, I want to be a better and an amazing version of myself. A version in which I am not stressed, I am not sad, I am not NOT. Instead, this year is not going to focus on the ‘NOT’s’ but the ‘AM’s’. I am focused, dedicated, motivated, happy and healthy for this year. That is me and that’s my version. Read More

Good Vibes Only..!

We live in an age and time where Social Media is overpowering our lives. Aren’t mobile phones the first thing that we check in the morning? This constant checking and being in touch with everyone through a social media platform is becoming more like an addiction. And what is the first thing that we check on our phones? Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat and what more? But what do we get out of this amazing and huge arena? Good vibes or stress in terms of pressure? At times, the pressure gets on to us, ‘I haven’t posted anything in a long time. I need to do it now! Read More

Take a Deep Breath

Take a deep breath and blow your mind. Off lately, I have had a huge pile of pending work sitting on my head and it had to be done at any cost. But for the first time ever I think, I didn’t panic. Yeah, I did fuss about it, but then soon enough I realised that there is no point in fussing about it, instead I need to stay calm and get things done.

While I was sitting there, looking at the never ending tasks lying in front of me, I pushed myself to shop wasting my time and get things moving. I mentally jotted down the things to be done for the day and started ticking them off my list. By the end of the day, I can say with a relaxing yet tiresome smile on my face that I did it.

The satisfaction of finishing off huge tasks or at least partially getting done with them is worth all the efforts. Though I haven’t really finished off all my tasks, but I am in the safe zone now and that is enough for me.

Whenever you are in a panicky situation or you are feeling stressed out, try this:
Keep all the distractions away, close your eyes, list down your tasks in order of priority, take a deep breath, exhale, and get ready to knock the items off your list like a boss.

You don’t external motivation, you have yourself, take a deep breath and do it yourself, the sooner the better.

PS: I was so tired after the hectic day, but the satisfaction of completing it and also the urge to empty my head over here, forced me to switch on my MacBook and write this blog. Ah! Feels so good.

Take a deep breath, because everything is possible

Last day at work!

As you must be knowing from one of my previous posts that I have resigned from my job and was serving the notice period. So finally, it was my last day at work the previous Friday and it was a sigh of relief for me. I am finally free to do what I want to do, work on my terms, be my own boss and not work under anybody.

I did learn new things at this work place, I learnt to handle stressful situations, cranky clients, multitask between my own work and also look after my team-mates work, developed team-leader qualities, handled clients on my own, came up with new ways to improve the work quality, learnt time management and learnt to control my emotions.

The work place had its set of pros and cons, less commute being the pros and no fixed work hours, at times working even on weekends but still get unnoticed, low salary, no growth, work pressure, inexperienced colleagues being the cons. I mean, I would be doing my work and also write copies for another colleague, which in turn decreased her workload and overloaded me, but I never got appreciated for the same, neither in words nor in terms of salary.

Anyway, my last day at work was kind of good, my bosses got a farewell cake for me, post which we went to Poptates for dinner and have a few drinks, it was a good last day.

This also means that I will no longer be in touch with that one friend who coincidently was also one of my colleague at work. Good riddance? Sure we had good memories and friendship but it just had to end because things had complicated. If she ever reads this, I just hope she has a good life with good people in it. I would just like to erase that part and never look back, its over, never getting back in her life ever again, its for the good.

While I was serving my notice period, this one person came to the office to replace me, and I am glad she did. She was my junior in college but we never really spoke to each other, we lost so much time in hand. But anyway, its just strange how out of nowhere some people just connect to each other. It was great knowing her. She is a very nice person and she was the only reason why I wouldn’t have minded staying a little back longer in office. A highly knowledgeable and a gem of a person, I could learn so much from her. I wish her all the happiness and luck in the world and may she be able to do whatever she wants to do.

Overall, it was a nice experience.
But, job is done and dusted, its time to do something of my own now and be my own boss.

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