What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of the word ‘REUNION‘? Memories, fun, old times, friends, evening, party, dancing, groups, are the words that pop into my head. Recently me and my six friends organized our batch school reunion. I can never forget that date- 20th June’12. It was a grand evening. Our two months of hard-work paid off later that evening. Everyone congratulated us for making such an evening possible.

Going to a reunion and organizing one is totally different. Sitting to the other side of the desk is different in its own way. It all began after a group was created on Facebook. Today, the internet helps us to connect with everybody. Facebook helped us bringing everyone together. We had made passes for everyone, went to places to check out the perfect venue, set a delicious menu, organized a DJ, convinced people, worked out the costings, dealt with money, and all this was done in two months.

Many friends came to the reunion. Everyone were in their best outfits. It all brought back good and bad memories. There were even ups and downs while organizing it. But we decided to ignore the differences and work together as a team and make the evening a memorable one. This reunion gave everyone a chance to meet after two years and forget the past and walk towards future with a new perspective.

I personally think we did a great job of bringing all kinds of different people from our batch together. Our evening began by reaching the venue early and decorating the whole place, instructing the staff, setting up a table at the entrance for checking the passes. Everyone started to walk in by the given time. They hugged their friends, everyone were happy meeting and talking to everybody. And this made us happy. It began with singing our school song and it was proceeded by the DJ. Everyone enjoyed it to the core. We had prepared a few games like randomly calling out names of girls and boys and making them do some kind of activity like singing a duet song and dedicating a song to each other, dancing, paper dancing, proposing in Bollywood style.

Old grudges were forgotten and new friendships were given an opportunity. At the end of the day what really mattered was that everyone had fun and appreciated our hard work. It was truly an evening to remember!