Hello October | Life Update

When life knocks you down, take your time but stand up on your feet. It’s just a small glitch along your journey, it is definitely not the end. No matter what the situation may feel like, it can never be the end, so don’t settle for defeat. Take your time, but bounce right back. Read More



We often fail to express our feelings to our loved ones or even others for that matter. We tie ourselves up to the process of ‘What will the other person think? How will he react? What if they don’t react the way I would like them to react?’ And the chain of thoughts and conditions is never-ending. Read More

Hello October

Hey, you guys!

September was a such a great month for me, I hope you had a great month too! 3 months to go for the year to end, time to pull up your socks and accomplish the goals you had planned for this year! You can do it! It is never too late to get your act together, you just need to realize that and start working on it, and watch everything fall into place right in front of your eyes. Read More

Be Good..!

Every person that you meet in your day to day life is going through something or the other in their personal/professional/emotional/social life. You can just judge a book by its cover, but it is only when you flip through the pages, that you understand there is so much more to a book than its mere cover. Read More


We all like looking at ourselves in every reflect-able object, right? Be it a mirror, a spoon, a shiny tile, or even water, we just love our reflections.
Passing by every mirror, we always fix our hair, our lipstick, clothes or just smile, but we do that. Everyone cares about what’s on the outside, that’s what it has come to now.
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Self Worth

I see a lot of people around me cribbing about their ‘flaws’. Flaws that are perfection in someone else’s eyes. Not everyone is happy the way they are, there is always this one thing that they wish they could change about themselves. But before that, stop and ask yourself this one question, ‘Why?’

Try doing this experiment with anybody and you are sure to get the same answer from anyone and everyone. Take a ₹500 currency note and ask a crowd if they want this note, they’d definitely want it. Now crumble the same note and ask them again, they’d still want it. Next, put that note on the floor and stomp on it, guess what, they’d still want that note. Why? Because until the note isn’t torn, everybody would want it. During this experiment, the note’s perfection avatar just hampered a little but it was still worth the same amount. Point being, when life throws challenges towards you or takes you down for a while, just remember that you are the same note, who is just getting roughened, that doesn’t mean you lose your worth. It doesn’t matter if you are like a perfect note or a little bit crumbled note, you are still you, and that is your worth. Never forget that.

Sometimes you come across people who don’t treat you well and probably they humiliated you at some point in your life.

‘God! You are ugly, I don’t want to talk to you.’
‘Are you talking to me? Have you seen yourself in the mirror?’
‘I don’t want to talk to you, you failed in XYZ subject.’

If you ever got something similar from anyone, remember to stay away from such people forever. No one can determine your self-worth but yourself. Because these are the kinds of people who will start roaming around you as soon as they think you are getting prettier, smarter, cooler, basically not giving them a damn. Don’t let anyone treat you like a doormat. You are more than that.

Just remember, you are amazing just the way you are, and never let go of that self-worth. Be a better version of yourself and not anyone else. For you, it might be a flaw, but for someone else, it might be perfection.

Know your self-worth and no one can take you for granted!