2018 Rewind!

Hey, you guys!

Last day of the year! Woohoo or Thank God?

Unlike every other year, I really wanted this year to come to an end ASAP. It was a difficult or rather challenging year for me. Not completely grey though, it did include a few rainbows, a lot of happy memories, and lessons, but overall – blah! Read More


Looking back at 2017..!

Hey, you guys!

Happy New Year! I hope you had a great and safe new year party, and if you had a quiet one, then, way to go, what an amazing way to commence your new year! 2018 is going to be an amazing year for each one of you, filled with happiness, health, love, success, and opportunities! May you have a great year ahead.

I just wanted to take a few minutes and look back at my 2017, as it went by super fast but it was worth the while. Read More

Types of people you don’t need in your life!

We all make these fancy New Years’ Resolution but seldom keep them. But this New Year, instead of the normal resolutions like going to the gym, keeping your closet clean and what not, try to stick to this one resolution and you will not regret it. This New Years’ take a resolution to stay away from toxic people. You definitely don’t need this kind of negativity in your life. Probably, you don’t even consider these people to be negative, but try staying away from them and you will see the difference. What kind of toxic people you ask? Let’s dive in:

These kinds of people soak up so much of your time that they do full justice to a sponge. And after being with them all you think to yourself is, ‘I could have utilised my time in a much better way!’


You definitely don’t need these species in your life. Sure it is good to get some criticism to do better in life, but constant criticism? You can give that a miss.


These are the kind who like to play the victim in every situation, even when nothing has gone wrong. And what happens? They want sympathies, all the time. They are very harmful to you, so stay away.


Pressure Cookers:
These pressure cookers are very short tempered. They tend to get angry quite often and over nothing. Stay away from them and keep your head cool. You don’t need this unnecessary stress in your life.


Need I say anything about them? They claim to be your good friends, but they lie to you in your face. Time and again they’ll lie to you and cover it up like they didn’t do anything wrong. Don’t fall for this kind and maintain distance.

Liar nose

Trust me on this one, this kind will gossip around and with you ALL THE TIME. And even if you don’t like gossiping, they’ll pull you into that swirl, after which everyone considers you to be a gossiper. They’ll also keep the gun on your shoulder to fire and you won’t even notice.


Drama Queens:
Trust me you don’t need this drama in your life’s movie. Their life is any which way a super hit movie.


‘What will others think?’:
Anyone who uses this dialogue on you for any situation, throw them out of your life instantly. It’s your life and you can live it the way you want to without worrying about what others will think. So to hell with those dialogue delivers.


Do you have any such people in your life that you need to kick out?

Differently Amazing

So finally 2016 is here! Happy New Year, everyone!

This year started off with a house party at a friend’s farmhouse in Neral. It was a bit different than the 31st’s that I am used to. The farmhouse was surrounded by nature, mountains, trees, stars, snakes, animals, what not. We have grown so used to the city life that it was kind of hard to not see the sparkly city life when the night began to draw it. All we could see were the stars and the slightly orange moon at midnight. Strangely and sadly, the first thing that we did on reaching the farmhouse was checked our phone networks. At one point, instead of taking in the beauty of our surrounding or interacting much, we all had our phones in our hand. But of course we corrected this the moment we realized what we were doing.

That was the first time that I had gavti chicken (typical village-styled chicken dish). Yes, it was tasty. The whole scenery was very beautiful; it looked as if it was pulled out of a novel’s scenery description. It was after ages that I could see so many stars shining brightly in the sky, a perfect starry blanket. With the city lights, towers and buildings and pollution, it is so hard to see stars here. I missed seeing the firecrackers at midnight and dancing all night long but I was in a happy space with my people around me. This New Years Eve, more than being happy about the party, I was really determined and ready to take on this year with some positivity and hard-work. No, it’s not a resolution, but I’ll make this happen. I’ll write my own story and be the hero. I can do it and I will do it.

It was definitely a night to remember. Happy 2016!

PS: I also got a cute Baggit clutch as a New Years Gift! Yay!


Adios 2015!

2015 has been such a great year for me. I have learnt so much, let off all the negative people from my life, learnt a few lessons, got to meet so many new people, a beautiful thing happened to me that is going to be with me forever and what not. There was a time when nothing was happening according to my plan, nothing, then I relied on my back-up plan but again things didn’t work out. I was heartbroken and scared. But then I am glad that things didn’t work out for me, maybe that was the best thing to happen. Because if I would’ve got admission elsewhere, I wouldn’t have got the opportunity to learn Tarot Cards Reading. Now I am planning to kick start my career as a Tarot Card Reader. I also developed interest towards cooking and how I just love cooking or baking new dishes now!

My life could’ve been a havoc right now, but thanks to this one person who supported me throughout, helped put some sense into me, made me smile, helped solve my crying problem, loved me unconditionally, went against all odds just to be with me, and I love this person to bits.

I graduated in this year, went for my last college trip, understood that I actually have a very small friend circle but a trustworthy circle that does not include the name-sake or fake friends, started caring more for my family, grew apart from my sister because of some third person (she will be normal…soon), indulged in yoga for some peace of mind and ended up loving it, got an iPhone6 as a birthday gift, had a beautiful and happy birthday with my people, road trips, luxurious getaways, celebrated my parents 25th  Wedding Anniversary at Sayaji Hotel in Indore, ran for endless interviews, picked up a job, left the job, made up my mind to start something of my own and not work under any third person.

I am still feeling that I am missing out a lot of things to write but never the less it has been a great-great year for me. Mostly because it just passed away too quickly.

I am going to welcome the new years by celebrating the New Years Eve at a friend’s farmhouse with a few close friends and I am sure it’s going to be a great and fun night and I am looking forward to 2016, its going to be a memorable and hard-working year.

So here’s my last post for the year 2015, I’ll see you guys next year. Till then, I wish you all a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year, let there be more of positivity, kindness, love and happiness, health and wealth. Be good, do good.

Enter in style

No, I am not talking about a party to enter into, but I am talking about stepping into the new year in style. This new years party was a great one. It was that great that I don’t remember bits and pieces of it  (Don’t judge me). I had worn a blue short dress. What’s a party without the touch of glamour? Anyway, coming back to the party, it was basically a house party. Though we had the feel of being in some club. Courtesy a friend who apparently carries his EDM playlist and lights with him. God bless him for that. Good food and alcohol goes really well with great company. We danced our way into the new year. And hey what’s that thing about kissing someone special at midnight?

How did you step into the new year?