5 ways to de-stress

With the current lifestyle, we hardly get any time to relax and just be by ourselves. The crazy working hours along with the extra hours that we put into the commute leads to a bad work-life balance. With every passing day, the stress levels are increasing rapidly in every person. Even weekends aren’t enough to unwind and rejuvenate ourselves. What can be a good solution to this problem? We need to address it from the root cause and not just the stressful layer that we can see on the outside. It is important to eradicate or at least address the issue from the base, the mind level. Read More


5 ways to be more productive

We all have those days wherein in spite of working right from morning till night, we are still left with a bunch of things that have not been taken care of. Why does that happen, weren’t we working all throughout the day? Well, that happens because you were just working, and that’s not being productive. Your ‘work’ at times also includes emails, Facebook, Twitter (Social Media basically), or something even as simple as not being attentive. Read More