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Hey, you guys!

If you might have noticed I was off blogging and working for almost 2 months now. I mean I did work a little in June, but in July I was really off-work. I was going through a little rough patch, and I’m glad I sailed through it, no matter how much it tempted me to give it all up.

In today’s life, mental health is as important as physical health. No one can really judge you from the outside and assume what you are going through, unlike physical health. You lose a little weight and people can notice, but you lose your sanity, and it goes unnoticed. All that anybody can say is:
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Story Time – When I almost lost my iPhone

Happy and in conversation with a fellow Yoga student, I was coming back home after my class, this lady offered me a ride back home (also a Yoga student). We got into the car and got talking about various things. Being in my Yoga track pants, I completely forgot that my pockets were a bit loose to keep my phone in there safely. So I got down near my society and my immediate reaction was to check my pocket to make sure my iPhone was with me, it wasn’t. My gut instinct told me to wave frantically at the car while she was leaving, but I thought to myself, “It’ll probably be in my bag.” I quickly checked my bag, it wasn’t there. By then she had driven away. I was panicking at that moment because all my numbers were in my phone, I didn’t know for sure if my iPhone was in her car or had it slipped out of my track pant near the school, I didn’t know what to do.

I ran home because I thought I could quickly message a few people on FaceBook and get her number. I was hoping that the phone would be with her. As I came running home, I saw my Dad’s car wasn’t parked in the lot, but to my surprise he had just taken it out and was waiting for my sister to come down, they were going out to get some breakfast. Anyway, even being scared and panicky, I told him ‘I guess I lost my iPhone.’ He wasn’t prepared for this, because hey, it’s an expensive phone. So he asked me to get into the car and we would go and check near the school premises whether the phone is there somewhere or not. Till then I quickly logged into FaceBook and messaged a few people and got the lady’s number from here and there. By that time we had reached the school, I saw a thing looking like a phone on the road, completely destroyed, like a road roller had run over it. My heart started beating heavily, but it wasn’t my phone, it was just a destroyed screen guard. I tried calling the lady but she wasn’t answering her phone. Just then it clicked to me that I had kept the ‘Find my iPhone’ setting ‘on’ on my iPhone. Though I hadn’t tried this feature earlier, I had to do it now. My heart beats finally came to a normal speed when the location was detected, it was near the lady’s place. So, I knew that the phone was in her car. Finally, she called back and told me that my phone was with her. And that’s how I got my iPhone back, after 2 hours of crazy search.

Moral: Always listen to your gut instinct, be grateful to FaceBook and use the ‘Find my iPhone’ feature on time. But seriously, thank god for that feature!

PS: I am generally very careful of my personal belongings, I don’t know how this happened for the first time. But its all right, new lesson I suppose, I will be more careful henceforth.

PPS: Turn the ‘Find my iPhone’ setting ‘On’ all you Apple iPhone users!

Make room for more..!

Since I have some renovation work going on in my house, I had to pack all my stuff into these cardboard boxes. Initially, it all seemed to be easy and fun, but that is so not how my packing process is going on. First I thought I would just dump all my things into the boxes but then I realised that I needed to sort everything out because I won’t be having enough space in my new room.

So began the process of sorting all my old stuff and deciding whether I would need them in my future or should I just discard them. Then you know the drill of cleaning the cupboards, you end up looking back at the past by holding on to that one item in your hand and you are in this dilemma whether you want to still keep it in your life and toss in the bin. It is difficult, my friend. Even I ended up in such a situation. I found my old Slam Books, drawing books, notes, last pages of my school books, photographs and such nice old memories. But then I also found some bad memories that were pushed in the back of my bookshelf. A few letters, greeting cards, gifts and guilt. It brought back some bad memories from the past and now the dilemma that crossed my mind was how to get rid of this stuff without anyone noticing it. Of course, I tore it into bits and showed it the bottom of the bin.

But what about my old craft items and my collection of Hrithik Roshan’s newspaper cuttings? I can’t throw them away. But come to think of it, there is no point in holding on to them either, they would just be packed in a box in the back of my store room. It is so difficult to decide.

The point of this whole thing is that a few weeks ago in my Yoga class, our Sir was advising us to let go of the old stuff to make room for new. I had noted in agreement at that point but now when I am in that situation, boy it is tough to let go!

Brain says: ‘Let it go, let it go, can’t hold it back anymore’ (Got the reference? 😉 Please say Yes )
Heart says: ‘That’s your childhood, so what if you won’t use those items, hoard it and we’ll build some new shelves for the new stuff.’

What to do? Help


Relationships, not everyone is lucky enough to have them, and for those who have them are not hardworking enough to make it sustain. And by relationships, I don’t necessarily mean a couple’s relationship, but it also includes the relationship that we share with our friends, parents, teachers or even enemies for that matter. All it takes is a moment, a brief moment to screw up the whole relationship. One silly mistake, and *puff*, congrats, you have screwed it up.

I don’t get the point how is it that simple for some people to jeopardise their relationship with someone for just a moment of pleasure or satisfaction! Relationships, though take years to form, they still balance on that one single thread. And if you are crazy enough to break that thread, then be ready for the consequences as well, nothing severe, just that you would never be able to go that perfect thread line ever again. Sure, the other person might give you another chance, another moment, but things can never be exactly the way they used to be.

In any relationship, it is very important for two people to grow with each other. It is not a business or societal matter that you pull the other person down to get up. No. Here, to reach the top you need that person with you. And even if you reach up first, remember to turn around and give that person a hand and pull them up as well. It is because of your loved ones unclaimed support that you are where you are, never forget that.

You will never get anything good out of doing bad things behind someone’s back, that someone who has all the trust and faith in you. Why complicate life when you can be true to someone? In this fast-paced world of today, where people don’t have time to think even for themselves, isn’t it amazing when someone has the time to think about you, someone other than themselves? Value it.

We often make this mistake of not valuing something when we have it and regret our decisions when we don’t have it. Don’t do that. Let’s spend more time or at least make more time for our relationships. Let’s take that effort. Ask yourself one thing, ‘Who will remember you when you die? Your relations or your money/hectic life?’

Try doing this and life will be so much better. I am not telling you to just cut down on your work, or don’t run behind your dream, all I am asking you is amidst all this chaos don’t forget your relations.

Spread love, be in love.

Be your own Goal..!

Every time we scroll up and down our Facebook or Instagram’s Feed, ‘Goal’ posts are sure to be there. Sadly, by goals, I don’t mean the aim-in-life types of goals, but goals like:

‘OMG! Your hair are goals! #HairGoals’
‘You guys make such a cute couple, aww! #CoupleGoals’
‘Your figure! Wow! #BodyGoals’
‘Nice abs, bro! #PhysiqueGoals’


Why are we so interested or rather into other people’s lives to have them as our goals? It is different to be inspired by somebody and setting them as their goals for every little thing.

It saddens me to see every young girl or guy on Instagram commenting on other people’s profile with such hashtags. Sure, get motivated with such pictures, but not everything is #Goals. Be your own superhero, yeah, you can do that, or rather you can be that. You can achieve everything that you want to, all you need is dedication. In this world of #Goals, be the one that not only comments such hashtags but also becomes that. Not just alone, but also you can also be the one to motivate people around you to do better in life.

We already have enough people to pull us down in life, why not just be the hand-giver and pull others up with you?

Comment below and let me know who has helped you in life in the smallest way possible, but you still remember them. Let’s spread some kindness.

Be your own Goal and help others move up the ladder too!

Helping Hand

I remember the first day of my Yoga Class wherein we had to introduce ourselves in front of the whole class, that is around 60 odd people. The majority of the students were women, housewives. Before we started with the session, our Guruji said, “I can see that this batch has a lot of women, so I want you to do one thing, if you are a housewife, say it proudly.” And I completely agree with this. There is no need to add the prefix ‘just’ before saying, ‘I am just a housewife’. Being a housewife isn’t a matter of ‘just’, it is one thankless and non-paid job that has no breaks or vacations. If the man of the house isn’t around for a few days, it’s okay, but if the woman of the house isn’t there, the whole house comes crumbling down.

In just a matter of 3 months, I can see the difference in these women of my class, they have started appearing confident to me. They are now taking initiatives to start a conversation, even small things add up to become bigger things. All they needed was a helping hand or some dose of motivation and encouragement. Even if I forget about others and just talk about myself, I can feel the difference in me. I now feel good about myself and I can notice the difference in my confidence level while talking to people. How did this happen? Because instead of criticism, people around me motivated me, helped me, pulled me up and didn’t push me down.

In this world of chaos, where people are busy running in the rat race, we need more people who are ready to pull each other up and not the other way round. There is no bravery in pulling people down, but you will be looked up upon if you help others stand up on their feet with their heads held high. That is a good dead. To help fellow human beings grow with you not for you or after you, but with you.

Can you help and motivate someone today?

PS: You can talk to me if you want, I am ready to extend my hand for you. My email id is in the ‘About’ section.