What a day!

Monday was such a lovely day for me. Ganesh Utsav (Ganesh Festival) is here! How I love the festive spirit around me! Everyone is so happy and dressed up in their best, there is lights and music all around and the happy faces. There is a different magic in the air, suddenly everyone forgets about their problems, tiffs with other people and they come together to celebrate festivals, they visit each others houses, exchange food and gifts, spend time together, its just amazing!

On the first day of Ganesh Utsav, I first went to Mayuresh’s place to seek the blessings of Lord Ganesha. I had a good time over there and I even met his family. After spending some time at his place, we went to my Grandmother’s place as she lives near by, she was so happy to see me there. I like being around her.

Later that evening I had to visit another friends place, but I wasn’t going to go alone this time, I met my school friends after a really long time. It was fun to be with them, we had so much to catch up on, I had an amazing time with them. I think I should meet them more often.

No matter where you go and what you become, your school friends will always be there, though not all the time, but they’ll be there, somewhere.




I had an amazing first day of Ganesh Utsav, how was yours?



Last day at work!

As you must be knowing from one of my previous posts that I have resigned from my job and was serving the notice period. So finally, it was my last day at work the previous Friday and it was a sigh of relief for me. I am finally free to do what I want to do, work on my terms, be my own boss and not work under anybody.

I did learn new things at this work place, I learnt to handle stressful situations, cranky clients, multitask between my own work and also look after my team-mates work, developed team-leader qualities, handled clients on my own, came up with new ways to improve the work quality, learnt time management and learnt to control my emotions.

The work place had its set of pros and cons, less commute being the pros and no fixed work hours, at times working even on weekends but still get unnoticed, low salary, no growth, work pressure, inexperienced colleagues being the cons. I mean, I would be doing my work and also write copies for another colleague, which in turn decreased her workload and overloaded me, but I never got appreciated for the same, neither in words nor in terms of salary.

Anyway, my last day at work was kind of good, my bosses got a farewell cake for me, post which we went to Poptates for dinner and have a few drinks, it was a good last day.

This also means that I will no longer be in touch with that one friend who coincidently was also one of my colleague at work. Good riddance? Sure we had good memories and friendship but it just had to end because things had complicated. If she ever reads this, I just hope she has a good life with good people in it. I would just like to erase that part and never look back, its over, never getting back in her life ever again, its for the good.

While I was serving my notice period, this one person came to the office to replace me, and I am glad she did. She was my junior in college but we never really spoke to each other, we lost so much time in hand. But anyway, its just strange how out of nowhere some people just connect to each other. It was great knowing her. She is a very nice person and she was the only reason why I wouldn’t have minded staying a little back longer in office. A highly knowledgeable and a gem of a person, I could learn so much from her. I wish her all the happiness and luck in the world and may she be able to do whatever she wants to do.

Overall, it was a nice experience.
But, job is done and dusted, its time to do something of my own now and be my own boss.

Dobby is a free elf!

Change is the only Constant!

Change is the only constant. Okay. We can do nothing but embrace the change. Sure.

I don’t want this major change to happen. It’s been a year now since we graduated from college and already things are changing at a rapid pace. We weren’t meant to grow up so soon. No! Students should be allowed to have a year off after graduation to discover themselves, go on trips, explore, see the world, anything and everything that they want to do. Anything but falling into the trap of job and career.

I agree that career is important, but not as important as your life. Anyway, coming to the point, things are changing dramatically on the ‘friends’ front. I lost my best friend over a misunderstanding and a third person, one of my friends is getting engaged and will soon move to another state, another one is going out of town to pursue further studies, one of them is leaving everything behind and going on a month long adventure trip, another one is getting into the grove of her new job, one is working hard to be a great journalist, one is soon going to be a big name in the sports fraternity and one in the TV industry. In short, everyone is leaving to make their new paths. We won’t meet that often now, we won’t have crazy sleepovers now, everything is changing, and I am not ready for it.

Everyone is doing some or the other thing, and here I am, doing just a regular job, not following my passion and dreams. I wish I could just rewind and go back to the first day of college and re-live it. Oh please take me back to the start!

If any one of you who is reading this is still in college or school, please follow my advice and live it to the core, you won’t get these days back. Don’t crib about homework or exams, they are just a part of your journey. Make memories, make each day count. Make mistakes, learn from them. Cherish the friends that you make on your way, hold them close. You will miss these days when are over, make it worth your while.

Mean while, I will just accept this change.

Old is Gold!

Sure our lives move on once we are done with college and school, but one thing that I have learnt is that never ever, I repeat, never ever lose touch with your old friends. They are the people who know you really well. Let me tell you my story, it was as if I had lost complete touch with my school friends off lately, as I thought they don’t really care if I am with them for dinners or chilling out or anything. I tried being away from them, of course there were other reasons too, but point being, we had sort of lost touch. And trust me, I did miss them, I missed being around them. It was only recently that we all decided to meet up again as a friend of ours was coming back from London, so I thought that he is coming back all the way from there, the least I can do is walk down the street to meet them. I did. I had this misconception that they barely know me, since I don’t talk much. But it was at that moment when someone said something about me from the school days, and it forced me to think and recollect the memory that they had just mentioned.

I mean, they remember and know so much about me that I was overwhelmed. I had never expected that to happen. They have been a part of the growing up years, they have seen me happy, sad, angry, scared, irritated, everything. They have seen the ups and downs, they have seen me struggle, and they have seen me move one. I am happy to have them in my life. I don’t meet them often or we don’t text day in and day out. But I am glad to have them, each one of them. Because I know, they’ll be there for me when I need them. They will be there.

So, never ever let go off your friends for anything or anyone.

PS: Here’s a picture from the night I don’t remember much about! (you know why)


The last words

It’s not everyday that I watch some sitcom and learn something out of it or rather realize something about life in general, is it? I was watching this episode of How I Met Your Mother in which Marshal lost his father and he was trying to remember the last word that his father told him. I don’t know why, but this thing really hit me hard. I mean I don’t want my near and dear ones to remember my last words as ‘I hate you’, ‘I don’t want to talk to you’, ‘@#*|•^’, ‘leave me alone’, ‘can we talk later, I am busy right now’. And also having these or similar phrases as my closed ones last words would also hurt me a lot. We have this one beautiful life, why do we complicate it and create a total chaos out of it? Why do we prioritize work over loved ones or stress over fun times with family? Why do we end friendships if things aren’t quite working out, why don’t we take two-three steps forward to solve the issue rather than shutting that friend out? And when you lose that friend forever, wouldn’t you regret it all? We fight and argue with our closed ones, but what if you get to know later that that was the last conversation you would ever had with them? Would you like a fight or heated argument to be your last conversation with someone? 

Make time for people who matter the most to you. I agree that you need money to pay the bills, but aren’t your loved ones the reason that you are doing all the hard work for? Work, but don’t forget your loved ones between all that climbing-the-ladder game. Life doesn’t give second chances, if you lose a person, you lose them forever. 

You are blessed to have a family, not everyone is as fortunate as you are to have a family. Your friends are the family you pick for yourself, so hold on to them, you have earned that friendship. Your partner is that one person you love selflessly, don’t hurt them, prosper and grow, together. 

I knew this one old uncle living in the building across mine, he used to have tea by his window every evening around 5 PM, and he used to wave at me from there. This had become a regular affair, we didn’t know each other but we knew each other with our waves. No matter what he was always by his window at that time, but one day he didn’t show up, neither the next day or the day after that. He never showed up after that and even though he was a complete stranger to me, I knew that I have lost my wave-friend and trust me that that hurt me. 

Live when you have this beautiful healthy life, show and spread love, take initiatives to work things out with a friend, make time for your loved ones, kill all the grudges, have fun when you can, take trips and explore new places, but most importantly tell your family and friends that you love them. You never know what are your last words, do you?

Good day!

Last Sunday was such a nice day for me. A friend of mine got a pet dog and he is so cute, just like a little ball of fur. It’s a Shih Tzu breed. So anyway, we had a good time at her place, playing with this little one and it was nice meeting my friends too. A little puppy got us all back together. So right after that we went to restaurant and it all seemed like the good old times. It’s been nearly a year since we have graduated and it’s only instances like this that you realize so much can change in such a less time.

Everyone is busy with their own lives, so much has happened in their lives, they have met new people and lost few people. But what really stayed the same was the happiness and bond that we all share together. Each one of them is different than the other, when I say different, I mean poles apart different, yet they all feel like family. I have missed those weirdos, but I’ll try to stay in touch with all of them because each one of them means a lot to me. And when we all come together, we sure know how to have a good time.

And I just can’t get over the puppy!