Off Shoulder to the rescue..!

Hey, you guys!

I love how versatile off-shoulders are! Be it a top or dress or for that matter anything, they can completely transform your look. The moment I laid my hands on this pretty off shoulder dress from Ash Haute Couture, from Date The Ramp, I couldn’t wait to style it! Read More


Dating the ramp..!

I can’t even count the number of clothes that I have in my wardrobe that I have worn just once! My heart aches to spend so much money on just that one good looking garment that I need for only one particular event and then it just sits in the back of my wardrobe catching dust. Oh and don’t even get me started on how I can’t repeat my statement clothes because I already have pictures in that outfit on my social media.

The struggle is real, right? Please tell me I am not the only one who goes through this drama! Read More

The Yellow Dress

Hey, you guys!

In the last month, you must’ve seen on my Instagram that I was out for lunch in a pretty yellow dress, right? I wanted to write this blog post ever since then because I had received so many DMs about the same. So I thought why not just address all the queries in a single blog post. My dress was basically a Tube Dress or an Off-Shoulder Dress as you can say, and it was a pretty refreshing yellow color. Since I had worn this dress just once and also I didn’t want to buy a new one, I thought of doing something different with this dress itself, of course without making it look like a repeated dress. So I simply grabbed my Light Blue Denim Jacket and wore over the dress. Just this simple trick was enough to change the whole look of the outfit, from a pretty delicate dress to a smart cute dress. I completed the look with my Golden and Black Wedges and a Sling Bag and voila!

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Print + Solid ft. Max Fashion

Hey, you guys!

For my weekend getaway at The Gateway Hotel by Taj, I had decided not to wear any kind of Denim. So, I ended up picking out pants, palazzos and dresses from my wardrobe. One such outfit was a nice Printed Palazzo Pant with a Solid Black Crop Top. Since the Palazzo had a very nice warli-painting kind of a print, I wanted the palazzo pant to do all the talking, so I paired it up with a solid black crop top, as it wasn’t too loud. The outfit was very comfortable for me and since the Palazzo Pant also has pockets, I was literally care-free and comfortable in what I was wearing. I completed the look with my delicate slippers and it made the whole look, look very feminine yet classy. And since it was a high-tea kind of an outfit, I kept my makeup minimum that is just a light lipstick. Read More

Road Trip Outfit

Hey, you guys!

There are going to be quite a few outfit posts on the blog in the coming days, so brace yourselves! Just a couple of days back when I was going for a weekend getaway, I decided to make it a No-Denims kind of an outing because the heat was killing me. So, for the car journey, I decided to wear the Contemporary Tie-Waist Pants from Forever 21. Since the pants were beige in colour, I thought of wearing a nice white cotton t-shirt along with it. To keep the look chic and minimal, I paired the outfit with these delicate flats and reflectors to keep it cool. Read More