Hello November | You can do it

Hey, you guys!

How is it November already! How is time passing so fast! Anyway, November is going to be a crazy month for me, in terms of studies, but there are so many festivals and events lined up for this month, I just don’t know how I’m going to make the most out of it. Time management and planning is the key here. That’s exactly what I’m going to do right after finishing up this blog post. Read More


Mental Health > Physical Health

Hey, you guys!

If you might have noticed I was off blogging and working for almost 2 months now. I mean I did work a little in June, but in July I was really off-work. I was going through a little rough patch, and I’m glad I sailed through it, no matter how much it tempted me to give it all up.

In today’s life, mental health is as important as physical health. No one can really judge you from the outside and assume what you are going through, unlike physical health. You lose a little weight and people can notice, but you lose your sanity, and it goes unnoticed. All that anybody can say is:
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We often fail to express our feelings to our loved ones or even others for that matter. We tie ourselves up to the process of ‘What will the other person think? How will he react? What if they don’t react the way I would like them to react?’ And the chain of thoughts and conditions is never-ending. Read More


Why do we suppress when we need to express?
Why are we ashamed to express our own emotions?
Why do we need to think twice before expressing?

People, especially guys think that crying is equal to being weak. Who said that? Why can’t guys cry? It is of utmost important to realize your emotions as and when you feel them. You feel like crying? Grab a bucket and cry your eyes out. You feel like laughing? No one is stopping you to laugh your ass out and fall on the floor. You feel like telling that one person that you love them? Walk up to them with your head held high and confess. You feel like sleeping? Pounce on that comfortable bed/couch/chair and just doze off. You want to eat? Hog on. You feel excited about something? Jump around like a lunatic person.

Do anything but suppress your emotions. Express as much as you can, because if you don’t who will? Why are we always asked to suppress our anger? Why can’t we just let it out once and for all and be done with it? Things would be so much better if we wouldn’t think twice before saying anything. It would be so much better if we wouldn’t delete the message that we had typed but rather just hit the send button. It would be so much better if we would just say each and everything that comes to our mind during a conversation and the words wouldn’t just be like the other words, lost in our head.

Our parents always teach us to respect our elders, which also means not to raise your voice at them, because hey, that’s disrespectful. So, if I am having some issues with my father, can’t I even argue? Wouldn’t that lead to further misunderstandings between us? Yeah, but hey you gotta respect them, right? Who cares if you aren’t expressing yourself clearly because of that, it is okay. Let’s not fall for all these daily life traps, let’s focus on improving ourselves by expressing better. Do you miss someone and want them back in your life, but your ego is coming in your way? Then kick your ego aside, pick up that phone and text that person! It is as easy as that.

Express, don’t suppress!

The Cave

It’s just a bad day, everything will turn out to be.

Should I go by this quote? I don’t feel like going with it, though. Something happened today, something that I didn’t want to happen. I have just thrown myself into a cave after that, and no, I don’t feel like coming out of it.

All I want to do is sit by myself, write, and cry about how things are right now. There is nothing that I can do to change the current scenario. Others can, I can’t. And I feel helpless and useless about this fact. I wish I could magically turn this one meet into something else. Why does it happen that all your life, you just have to please others to get what you want? No, I don’t want to please anyone. But will I be able to do it if that anyone is my family? No. I will have to, or rather someone else will have to.

Time, time is not with me. I just have 3-4 years maximum to completely change the current scenario. Else, I can see what will happen. Today will repeat itself. I felt bad, it just pricked me somewhere deep inside, as this was something that I wasn’t expecting, at all. But it happened, and it just hurts, badly.

I am still looking at this whole situation positively, as it is said, ‘It is just a speed-breaker and not the end of the road.’ But I just want to sit in my cave for some time now. 3 years, I will do it, don’t know about others. I will do it.

But for now, the present moment, the cave is my home.