24th Birthday

Hey, you guys!

It was my birthday on the 5th of May, and I turned 24! Usually, age doesn’t really freak me out, but this time it just hit me. Ever since I started planning things in my life, I had set 24 as the age, till when I was supposed to accomplish certain things/goals. And there were certain things lined up to be done after I turn 24. Read More


Hello April – A peek into my life

Hey, you guys!

Before beginning the blog post, I just want to take a moment and do the happy dance, because just one month to go for my birthday! (eep eep)

I love birthdays! I don’t get people who dislike them for no particular reason at all. A day to get all the love and attention, for people to pamper you and treat you like a princess/most important person in the room. How can anyone not like this? But anyway, to each his own. What makes it more special is when you just get a random call or message from that one long lost friend and how it makes you feel when someone takes out the time from their busy schedule to make you happy! I just love the birthday vibes. Be it mine or anyone else’s birthday, I am always super excited. Read More

Birthday Outfit – Part III

Hey, you guys!

Post an amazing midnight surprise and an even more amazing lunch, for my birthday dinner I went out with my family to Barbeque Nation. Earlier I thought of wearing something else for the dinner, but at the last moment, I was just too drained to dress up and get ready basically. Plus, it was just too hot to wear the outfit that I had planned to wear, I wanted something loose that didn’t stick to my skin. I found this cute off shoulder top in a shopping bag that I bought a little while ago but hadn’t really worn it since then. I paired this red off-shoulder top with my black legging as I wanted the top to stand out and get all the attention. Since I also wanted my collar bones to stand out, I decided to pull my hair back in a ponytail and also it was very hot to let my hair down.

Outfit Details:

Top: Forever 21
Legging: Zara
Shoes: Catwalk

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What do you think about this outfit?

December Favourites

December was really fun and happening for me. A month that forced me to be around people and places more than being just at home and doing my work. I love being outdoors. So, let’s jump straight into my amazingly awesome December.

Day out with my sister: Remember I had gifted her a spa voucher last month? She used it this month and thank God she loved it. So while she was getting her spa done, I was casually sitting in Café Coffee Day, sipping a cold beverage and working on my blog. I loved spending some time alone and I think I will be doing that more often. So post her spa we had gone to SodaBottleOpenerWala, Viviana Mall and after so long I got to spend time with her.


Interview Outing: I had this interview in Andheri, but somehow I didn’t like the vibe of the place so I backed out and never went to the interview. Instead, I went to Dunkin Donuts and Zaffran and ate to my heart’s content. That was a different kind of a day.

The Spinster Party: First girl to be getting married from our group, so there definitely had to a spinster party. It was a first for us too and we really didn’t know how to execute it as well, but I think we somehow did a pretty good job. Our friend didn’t know that we were planning this and she was taken aback the moment she saw us at Bar Index lounge. We had decorated the table with balloons and her gift sat in the middle of the table along with a Tiara and Bride-To-Be Sash, which we got from Ribbons and Balloons. We gifted a Baby Doll lingerie for her honeymoon which we got from Amanté.


The Wedding: It was a weird yet happy moment when we saw her on the stage, all dressed up and married. I felt so grown up, it was actually happening. One of us, rather the first amongst us was getting married. And I can’t even tell you how beautiful she was looking, a perfect South Indian Bride!


Shopping Day: A friend of mine wanted to buy something from Sephora so I accompanied her to Palladium Mall and I am in love with Sephora and all the high-end brands like Dior, Chanel, Estee Lauder. It was that day that I made a promise to myself, ‘I will earn money only to shop and splurge on these brands!’

Yoga at Yeoor: I loved the yoga session that we had at Yeoor Hills this month. Such a pleasant morning and a perfect place for yoga.


Waterhouse Deli: I visited this place in Thane and I absolutely loved the interiors. It was such a cute and comfortable place. If you are from in or around Thane, I would definitely recommend this place.


When I was being a townie: So my friend wanted to submit a form in his college and I decided to tag along, because I love going to South Mumbai. After his college task was done, we strolled at Colaba Causeway for a while and then went to Colaba Social to grab a few drinks. No meal is complete without desserts, right? So to fulfil our sugar cravings, we thought of trying out Le 15 Café, such a cute little place, I am going to visit it again with my sister. And the cupcakes were amazing.

When I almost lost my iPhone: You know the mini-heart attack that you get when you check your pocket and don’t find your phone? Yeah, something like that happened with me this month.

Haircut: So I got rid of everything that was pulling me down, even my hair. Just kidding, my hair was kind of feeling dull, so I decided to do something about it. I went to Kapil’s Saloon and spoke to the hair stylist, it is amazing how he suggested something and completely transformed my hair thoughts. I love my new haircut, unlike other times when I start cribbing about it from the next day itself.

How was your December?

Story Time – When I almost lost my iPhone

Happy and in conversation with a fellow Yoga student, I was coming back home after my class, this lady offered me a ride back home (also a Yoga student). We got into the car and got talking about various things. Being in my Yoga track pants, I completely forgot that my pockets were a bit loose to keep my phone in there safely. So I got down near my society and my immediate reaction was to check my pocket to make sure my iPhone was with me, it wasn’t. My gut instinct told me to wave frantically at the car while she was leaving, but I thought to myself, “It’ll probably be in my bag.” I quickly checked my bag, it wasn’t there. By then she had driven away. I was panicking at that moment because all my numbers were in my phone, I didn’t know for sure if my iPhone was in her car or had it slipped out of my track pant near the school, I didn’t know what to do.

I ran home because I thought I could quickly message a few people on FaceBook and get her number. I was hoping that the phone would be with her. As I came running home, I saw my Dad’s car wasn’t parked in the lot, but to my surprise he had just taken it out and was waiting for my sister to come down, they were going out to get some breakfast. Anyway, even being scared and panicky, I told him ‘I guess I lost my iPhone.’ He wasn’t prepared for this, because hey, it’s an expensive phone. So he asked me to get into the car and we would go and check near the school premises whether the phone is there somewhere or not. Till then I quickly logged into FaceBook and messaged a few people and got the lady’s number from here and there. By that time we had reached the school, I saw a thing looking like a phone on the road, completely destroyed, like a road roller had run over it. My heart started beating heavily, but it wasn’t my phone, it was just a destroyed screen guard. I tried calling the lady but she wasn’t answering her phone. Just then it clicked to me that I had kept the ‘Find my iPhone’ setting ‘on’ on my iPhone. Though I hadn’t tried this feature earlier, I had to do it now. My heart beats finally came to a normal speed when the location was detected, it was near the lady’s place. So, I knew that the phone was in her car. Finally, she called back and told me that my phone was with her. And that’s how I got my iPhone back, after 2 hours of crazy search.

Moral: Always listen to your gut instinct, be grateful to FaceBook and use the ‘Find my iPhone’ feature on time. But seriously, thank god for that feature!

PS: I am generally very careful of my personal belongings, I don’t know how this happened for the first time. But its all right, new lesson I suppose, I will be more careful henceforth.

PPS: Turn the ‘Find my iPhone’ setting ‘On’ all you Apple iPhone users!

November Favourites

November was more like a friends and family month. I met so many people this month, it was more like my favourite month because I like being around everyone and just having fun. Let’s jump straight into my November:

Sister’s Birthday: The month started off with my sister’s birthday on the 1st of November. Initially, we thought it was just going to be the four of us, but 2-3 days before her birthday, my grandmother called and she said that they’ll join us too. So we went to Sigree, Powai for her birthday dinner. It was so nice to have the whole family around after a long time. How I love celebrating with everyone! Since I know how tired she gets from her work schedule, so I gifted her a spa coupon from Myo Thai, which she really valued, she never knew I would put this much thought into buying her a gift, but she loved it.

Weekend Getaway: This was a plan that my school friends were making since quite some time and finally it happened. We went to Lonavala for the weekend and I must tell you that I loved the bungalow that we had booked. Just in case, if you are looking for a space in Lonavala, Valley Vista is the name that I would like to recommend. Anyway, I enjoyed this mini-trip and had fun.


Day Out: I really wanted to meet this one friend since a month, but he had his exams going on so we couldn’t meet. Whenever my mind troubles me, I talk it out with this person. He is more like my remedy. Finally, we both got free and had this amazing day out in Mumbai, we were literally place hopping that day, but it was so much fun. The wait was worth it!

Movie Night: It is very rare that our family goes to the movies and that too at night because everyone has to wake up early the next day. But we made it this time, it was such an impromptu plan and I love such plans. We went for Dear Zindagi and I really liked the movie. I wish I go for more such movies with my family.

How was your November?