Casual Lunch Outfit

Hey, you guys!

Every girl has a closet full of clothes yet she has nothing to wear, right? ( you know, the struggle is real! ) Even I keep on having such moments, but this time around I thought a way out of this whole situation – Mix and Match. So I had bought this really simple yet cute, light pink basic top and I had not really worn it before. After much contemplation, I thought of pairing it up with my black legging, so that the focus remains on the top. It was looking really nice and cute, but my shoes were just too simple, so even though I wanted to wear something comfortable, but it was just pulling down my look, and I decided to pull out my heels. Little did I know, that just a simple pair of heels could transform my outfit. I ended up loving that look. Here are some pictures from that day and the outfit details are below! Read More


The Yellow Dress

Hey, you guys!

In the last month, you must’ve seen on my Instagram that I was out for lunch in a pretty yellow dress, right? I wanted to write this blog post ever since then because I had received so many DMs about the same. So I thought why not just address all the queries in a single blog post. My dress was basically a Tube Dress or an Off-Shoulder Dress as you can say, and it was a pretty refreshing yellow color. Since I had worn this dress just once and also I didn’t want to buy a new one, I thought of doing something different with this dress itself, of course without making it look like a repeated dress. So I simply grabbed my Light Blue Denim Jacket and wore over the dress. Just this simple trick was enough to change the whole look of the outfit, from a pretty delicate dress to a smart cute dress. I completed the look with my Golden and Black Wedges and a Sling Bag and voila!

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Smart ways to save money

Being just a fresh-out-of-college person, I don’t have a steady/fixed income. But nevertheless, I always have money on me as compared to my friends who are also of the same age. So, be it any dinner plans or weekend plans, I never really have to worry about my money. Not that I spend recklessly, but it’s just that I save sufficiently. You can save it too, here’s how:

Separate it:
If you are working or you get your pocket money, whatever may be the source of your income, separate it. What do I mean by that? Well, just take out 1/2 or a little more than that out of your income and save it. You don’t need to touch this money, you can either save it in your bank or invest it, but do not splurge it. You have the remaining amount to splurge as and when you want.

Think and Spend:
Why do you need to finish off all your money on transportation when you can save those few extra bucks? Give the local ride a miss and walk the distance or take a public transport, as simple as that. Health is wealth, right?

If you have some huge shopping to be done in the next month’s sale, you know that might lead to a little personal financial crunch, so why not plan your spendings? Save this month and a little the next month so that you don’t face any problems in the consecutive month.

Save those changes:
Now, whenever my mother asks me to get something from the nearby store, I usually don’t return the loose change. No, I don’t steal it, but instead, I put it in my box (Yeah I am 22 years old but I still have a sort of a piggy box) And when I open the box in a couple of months interval I have a mini fortune right there from all the loose change. I simply go and deposit that in my bank account.

Just little steps that will prove to be a lot helpful in the long run. Try it yourself and you will feel a lot more secure with your money.

Save Money

Take a Deep Breath

Take a deep breath and blow your mind. Off lately, I have had a huge pile of pending work sitting on my head and it had to be done at any cost. But for the first time ever I think, I didn’t panic. Yeah, I did fuss about it, but then soon enough I realised that there is no point in fussing about it, instead I need to stay calm and get things done.

While I was sitting there, looking at the never ending tasks lying in front of me, I pushed myself to shop wasting my time and get things moving. I mentally jotted down the things to be done for the day and started ticking them off my list. By the end of the day, I can say with a relaxing yet tiresome smile on my face that I did it.

The satisfaction of finishing off huge tasks or at least partially getting done with them is worth all the efforts. Though I haven’t really finished off all my tasks, but I am in the safe zone now and that is enough for me.

Whenever you are in a panicky situation or you are feeling stressed out, try this:
Keep all the distractions away, close your eyes, list down your tasks in order of priority, take a deep breath, exhale, and get ready to knock the items off your list like a boss.

You don’t external motivation, you have yourself, take a deep breath and do it yourself, the sooner the better.

PS: I was so tired after the hectic day, but the satisfaction of completing it and also the urge to empty my head over here, forced me to switch on my MacBook and write this blog. Ah! Feels so good.

Take a deep breath, because everything is possible

Memory Jar – DIY

Memory Jars are fun and they are a great way to re-live the precious moments of your lives. I made this small memory jar last year, only to see what the buzz is all about. And trust me, it felt so good to read all the memory chits after almost a year! Make a memory jar for yourself and cherish your memories in the form of chits, forever !

What is it: Memory Jars are basically jars in which you put in your chits. What chits you ask? Well, if you had a great day or even if you did something worthwhile or something that you loved about the day, you write it down on a piece of paper, fold it and put it in the jar. Then after a year, preferably New Years, open your jar and look back at all the beautiful memories that you created and re-live them.

Things required:

  • A jar
  • Different colours of card paper (I used my old scrapbook pages)
  • Decorative materials. 

jar  71s99NIb75L._SL1440_

How to make it: You can decorate your jar the way you want it. I made a paper cut of ‘Memory Jar 2016’ and stuck it on the inside of my jar. But you can be as creative as you want to. Then make chits out of the card paper and you are done.


memory-jar-2  mason_jar_memory_jar_with_monogram

My Memory Jar:


Isn’t this easy? Try it on yourself and show it to me on Instagram (tag me: @assortedcognition)

Get creative and Do It Yourself !


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Lately I have realized that I have been procrastinating a lot, my answer to every work or situation or task would be ‘I will do it tomorrow/ I will start from tomorrow’ and I am really fed up of pushing things ahead. So to tackle this whole thing I have started writing down the tasks that I am supposed to complete the next day, a to-do list. So now, whenever I go to bed I just take a minute before that to jot down my tasks for the next day. And you know what pushes me to complete those tasks? Guilt!

At the end of the day, I open my book and tick/check the items that I have successfully completed throughout the day and I feel good about that and myself. I feel that I have not wasted my day and got something out of it instead. And just to not feel guilty or bad about not being able to tick a task, I push myself throughout the day to get each and every item done by the end of the day, by hook or by crook. I try to squeeze it in come what may.

I found this trick to really help me a lot. So if you are a procrastinator, you need to try this, to-do lists really help!

Closeup image of notepad with pen.