Hello November | You can do it

Hey, you guys!

How is it November already! How is time passing so fast! Anyway, November is going to be a crazy month for me, in terms of studies, but there are so many festivals and events lined up for this month, I just don’t know how I’m going to make the most out of it. Time management and planning is the key here. That’s exactly what I’m going to do right after finishing up this blog post. Read More


Something new..! (Need your opinion)

I am thinking of putting my blog to a much better use than just pouring my heart out over here. Of course I will be emptying my head on this platform, as that was the sole reason why I started this blog. But now, I want to cater this blog to different things as well. Something that can probably help you in some way or the other. Do you think this is a good idea? Would you like to read something on the same line? I really wanted to do this since quite some time now, but it’s never late, is it? A little encouragement and optimism is all that I need right now.

I am adding a voting poll along, please vote and help me think through!



Since quite some time now, I have been feeling so good about life. It feels like finally everything is falling into place. I am in this big happy bubble. I love the people around me. Everything is so beautiful and near perfection that at times I am unable to believe that all this is actually happening with me.

I am finally learning something that I wanted to from a long time, almost 8-9 years. I have all these beautiful people around me. And it is with them that I feel so happy and complete. Everyone at home is content and there is no pressure or anything from their side. They are letting me do whatever I want to do with my life, but obviously they just want to be sure that I am on the right track.

I am making use of this free time at hand by looking after myself, reading more books, prioritizing my needs and wants, learning something new, completing all the pending stuff. So basically I am not regretting with this sudden break, instead I am very happy with the way things turned out.


Two States, of mind

By burying your head in the sand, you just lose out on all the golden opportunities that float around you. You just need to catch it before it flies away. 

Have you ever felt helpless about a particular thing where the solution and answers are right in front of you but you still cannot do anything about it? For a change, I am in a very happy and content space right now, but then still I get this feeling at times. I have everything that I want, but I don’t have something that I need. It’s there with me, around me, but not mine to keep. 

Patience is the key to happiness. Yeah. But I cannot wait any longer. I have my happiness right with me. But wait, I don’t even want to rush into anything. What do I do? What do I want? For me, the longer I wait for anything, the less excited and happy I become. I don’t want this to happen in this case. To wait or not to wait? I don’t know! At times I think why should I wait when I can have all of it right now, but then I think it will be worth the wait. But knowing myself well, I know I will lose the interest and the excitement. I don’t like it boring. But not everything is about me. I need to prick the bubble of my fairytale world that I live in. Now is the time to focus and achieve everything that I had dreamt of. But no, I want this too. I am not a person to leave everything on its own to fix itself. I don’t let time handle my situations. But it’s a two way street, just my thoughts cannot triumph over everything. Let’s see how this wait turns out to be. For a change I will try leaving everything for time and fate to handle. 

Never mind, I am okay. This is good.