Hello October | Life Update

When life knocks you down, take your time but stand up on your feet. It’s just a small glitch along your journey, it is definitely not the end. No matter what the situation may feel like, it can never be the end, so don’t settle for defeat. Take your time, but bounce right back. Read More


Everything happens for a reason…

I have strongly come to believe that everything happens for a reason. Since the last one year, various things haven’t executed as I had planned them to be. All my plans, efforts and ideas went down the drain. I had come to believe that nothing can ever go right with me and I am just miserably failing at everything.

Little did I know, something else was planned for me, I just never looked at it correctly.

Starting from my Third Year in College, I had planned for my Masters Program in Symbiosis, Pune. I had everything charted out for me, first I’ll get into the university, second to pass with good grades, third would be to join a magazine publication and become a feature writer. Did it go as per the plan? Nope. I cleared the first round of the entrance test then the second. But, somehow I was in the waiting list. I couldn’t get in. Then I went for my backup plan of applying to another College in Mumbai itself. The entrance and other tests went well and I was positive I would get it. But again, somehow I didn’t. Dumber people got in, but I couldn’t. One day after some good 2 months, I called the office and asked them about the same. The reply was shocking, “This seat number was selected, why didn’t you take admission then?” I told them that my name wasn’t in the list. They said it should’ve been, there must’ve been some mistake. And just like that, I lost that seat and with that my plan. Of course they were offering me another seat but then it was kind of late and I was disheartened.

During my Third Year, I was kind of stressed out about various things and opted for Yoga regular classes to calm myself down. Yoga happened out of nowhere, I wasn’t really a fan of yoga.

I tried my hand at a job after college, somehow even that didn’t work out and left it within a month and since I had time on my hand then, I decided to learn about Tarot Cards. I was interested about it, but never really got the opportunity to learn about it, so that happened.

My best friend and I, lost our friendship over some issues but call it destiny or what, we ended up at the same office, working together. It was difficult, but we just had to do it. Even when I left my job, things weren’t okay between us. Somehow, I was asked to come back to the office because of a client’s event and we had to share the same space again.

Now, how has any of this helped me, you may ask?

This is how everything happened for a reason:

If I would’ve gotten selected, I would’ve wasted my money, because I am not really interested in that field. It was just for the degree.
If I would’ve moved to Pune, I would’ve lost the chance of having someone that I have now.
If I wasn’t so stressed out, I would’ve never approached Yoga and Yoga Diploma would’ve never happened. I am in love with Yoga.
If I wouldn’t have left my first job, Tarot wouldn’t have happened to me and I would have never been able to call myself a ‘Tarot Card Reader’
If I wouldn’t have rejoined my last workplace, misunderstanding would’ve never been cleared or at least the truth would’ve never come out. Though our friendship has been lost, we are just friends now, but the air has been cleared.
If I wouldn’t have left my job, I would’ve never known what I really want to be and that is nowhere close to the 9-5 grind.

Everything happens for a reason, just hold on and keep swimming!