Hello May

Hey, you guys!

Instead of saying, ‘Hello May’ I should actually say, ‘Hello, Birthday Month!’

I am super duper excited for my birthday, and that’s not even something new, I do this every year! How I love birthdays! Anyway, this month is going to be all about work and improving things on the work front. Read More


Birthday Outfit – Part III

Hey, you guys!

Post an amazing midnight surprise and an even more amazing lunch, for my birthday dinner I went out with my family to Barbeque Nation. Earlier I thought of wearing something else for the dinner, but at the last moment, I was just too drained to dress up and get ready basically. Plus, it was just too hot to wear the outfit that I had planned to wear, I wanted something loose that didn’t stick to my skin. I found this cute off shoulder top in a shopping bag that I bought a little while ago but hadn’t really worn it since then. I paired this red off-shoulder top with my black legging as I wanted the top to stand out and get all the attention. Since I also wanted my collar bones to stand out, I decided to pull my hair back in a ponytail and also it was very hot to let my hair down.

Outfit Details:

Top: Forever 21
Legging: Zara
Shoes: Catwalk

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What do you think about this outfit?

Birthday Outfit

Birthday Outfit – Part II

Hey, you guys!

I hope you guys have read the Birthday – Part I so that I can skip the details and directly talk about my birthday outfit. Over the last couple of months I had put on a little weight and it was very unlike me, so a month prior to my birthday, I worked out a lot. I won’t lie by saying I lost all the weight but I am getting there. For my birthday outfit, I wanted it to be a skirt this time. So at the very last moment at Phoenix Marketcity Kurla, I came across this cute short skirt from Forever 21 and I had my outfit ready. I paired up the black skirt with an olive green tee, from Forever 21 as well. I completed the look with my white shoes and reflectors, kept the makeup minimal and I was birthday-ready.

Birthday Outfit
Birthday Outfit
Birthday Outfit
Birthday Outfit
Birthday Outfit
Birthday Outfit

Outfit Details:

Skirt: Forever 21
Tee: Forever 21
Bag: Forever 21
Shoes: Zara
Reflectors: Forever 21

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I had a great birthday lunch!

Birthday Cake

Birthday – Part I

It was my 23rd birthday on 5th May and I won’t lie about it, but somehow the number freaked me out. I don’t mind getting older and I am not scared of the numbers but somehow just this one number ’23’ freaked me out. Probably because of the fact that this is the year a lot of changes are going to take place or simply because this year can completely transform my life.

My birthday started off with my school friends coming to wish me at midnight with the birthday cake, which I think was really sweet of them. It is only when you are out of college that you realise who truly is there for you and who isn’t. People surely wish you on FaceBook, but very few people will spare 2 mins to actually send you a personal message or call after seeing the reminder. It means a lot to me when friends I am not even in touch with, make sure to at least drop me a message every year. As we get older, our circle starts getting smaller and smaller. So was the case with my birthday. But I am really glad that it started off with the people who mean a lot to me, people who really care for and who love me. No unwanted people this year, just everyone who are a part of my small inner circle.

Anyway, that was that. On the actual day, my day started off in a very unusual manner, something that I have never done. I woke up at 5:15 AM, I mean I had to. I am not at all a morning person. But I have this Yoga Internship going on, for which I had to take the class. I met these students just 4 days before my birthday and all of them were so sweet, they wished me, sang the birthday song like we used to in school, gave me their blessings and good wished. It was a different yet amazing start of my birthday. For lunch, we went to Madeira and Mime in Powai. I must say, I absolutely loved the place. In fact, you can read the detailed review about it on Zomato. I had a great time over there, after which we went to the Powai Lake to chill for a while till the time our Uber came.

For dinner, I went to Barbeque Nation with my family. No, my birthday wasn’t just about the food, but hey, I am a Punjabi and food is important. I had a good time over there too. It’s like a family ritual to have dinner together on birthdays and I absolutely love it.

Just 4 days before my birthday, my sister had taken me shopping and she knows how crazy I am when it comes to perfumes. I always wanted a perfume from Parcos, but since a majority of them are expensive, I always thought to enter that store when I had a good amount of cash with me. Suddenly, while shopping, my sister entered the Parcos store and asked me, ‘Which one do you want?’ I was completely shocked! I wasn’t even ready to enter the store. But since she wasn’t coming out, I had to step in. In just 2 minutes we came out of the store with a Parcos bag and a Calvin Klein Perfume!!! I cried for 30 minutes straight. I am strange that way, I get over emotional when something really touches me.

Ah! It was such an amazing day!

November Favourites

November was more like a friends and family month. I met so many people this month, it was more like my favourite month because I like being around everyone and just having fun. Let’s jump straight into my November:

Sister’s Birthday: The month started off with my sister’s birthday on the 1st of November. Initially, we thought it was just going to be the four of us, but 2-3 days before her birthday, my grandmother called and she said that they’ll join us too. So we went to Sigree, Powai for her birthday dinner. It was so nice to have the whole family around after a long time. How I love celebrating with everyone! Since I know how tired she gets from her work schedule, so I gifted her a spa coupon from Myo Thai, which she really valued, she never knew I would put this much thought into buying her a gift, but she loved it.

Weekend Getaway: This was a plan that my school friends were making since quite some time and finally it happened. We went to Lonavala for the weekend and I must tell you that I loved the bungalow that we had booked. Just in case, if you are looking for a space in Lonavala, Valley Vista is the name that I would like to recommend. Anyway, I enjoyed this mini-trip and had fun.


Day Out: I really wanted to meet this one friend since a month, but he had his exams going on so we couldn’t meet. Whenever my mind troubles me, I talk it out with this person. He is more like my remedy. Finally, we both got free and had this amazing day out in Mumbai, we were literally place hopping that day, but it was so much fun. The wait was worth it!

Movie Night: It is very rare that our family goes to the movies and that too at night because everyone has to wake up early the next day. But we made it this time, it was such an impromptu plan and I love such plans. We went for Dear Zindagi and I really liked the movie. I wish I go for more such movies with my family.

How was your November?

22nd Birthday!

Happy 22nd to me!

I was super duper excited for my birthday, but things didn’t quite work out the way I had planned them or wished them to happen. But every dark cloud has a silver lining, the silver lining to my rough birthday was a person. Just a cast of his magic wand turned my rough birthday into a Happy Birthday!

Anyway, coming straight to the point, it wasn’t the best birthday, but it was a nice and different birthday. It started off with calls and messages from friends and family at midnight, followed by an unpleasant incident. But somehow, I wasn’t really touched with all the messages and midnight attention that I got, is this how it feels to grow up?

The morning at home was nice initially, but then I got into a fight with my sister as I had nothing to wear (hey, this is not a typical girl expression, but I seriously didn’t have anything to wear) We got into a fight as it was only two days before my birthday when my sister took me shopping and we (she) spent Rs. 11,000. Fine, but they were denims and tops, no pretty birthday dress. (you get me, right?)

So for lunch there was a different plan, but at the last moment, the cab ditched us. So I ended up being at a local mall for my birthday treat. But like I said, magic wand, and everything fell into place. We had a nice lunch at British Brewing Co, Viviana Mall, which was followed by an impromptu plan at the gaming zone of the same mall. Ah! The fun that we had! It was after ages that I played at the gaming zone. We even won tickets! And we were so much better than the teeny tiny kids trying out their luck on the games over there. *evil grin*

For dinner, I went out with my family to a restaurant in United 21, it was just average, but we were together, so even that’s okay. Though, we had different plans but even they got ruined because my sister was being adamant.

Overall, it was a nice day. I am a year older now, though it doesn’t seem like it.

PS: I bought myself a birthday gift (signs of growing up, I guess) and I am writing this post with it, also my first blog post using it. MacBook Air !