YogaDiaries – Week 30 & 31

The exams season has commenced. It was our last class in these weeks and I am really sad about that fact. This last one year has been really amazing to me. I started off with this class with a bunch of strangers and now when the end is near, I can say that I have made some good friends over here. Being the youngest one in this course, everybody welcomed me with open arms and I got all the attention and love.

It was difficult initially as everyone was older to me and they grasped all the spiritual knowledge much more easily than I did. But, I soon picked it up because I was very much interested in this yoga knowledge.

Anyway, we still have 2 months remaining for the course to end, but these 2 months have nothing but exams and tests. Post which I will become a Certified and Trained Yoga Instructor. Ah! I feel so happy about it already.

So in this week, we had our lesson planning exam, wherein we had to plan a whole lesson on Asana and Mudra. It was pretty good. My ma’am told me that she sees a lot of potential in me and that somehow motivated me to work hard and I am going to do just that. She also told me that she expects a lot from me. I won’t let her down.

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Let’s focus and study
|| Hari Om ||



YogaDiaries – Week 27, 28 & 29

Yoga has become an integral part of my life now. I feel so deeply connected with this beautiful form that I can surely do this for life. I aspire and have set a few goals for myself in the same field and I will work hard to achieve them.

The last few weeks have been very challenging, and the challenges are bound to increase all the more. We had our unit test last week, which went pretty well, I think. So all that I have on my platter is books, exams and yoga. Surprisingly, for yoga related exams, I much more into it than ordinary exams. I feel like studying and knowing more about the theoretical aspects.

We also had our first class conduction in the last two weeks, wherein we had to conduct the class just like our gurus take our class. It was fun, as in I even conducted the class of the part I was assigned and I was also the demonstrator for my group-mates. All in all, it was an amazing experience and I am really looking forward to having more of such sessions. This is just the beginning, right?

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Keep studying, keep practising
|| Hari Om ||

YogaDiaries – Week 25 & 26

Firstly, I am so sorry for being off blogging for a few weeks now. I am really caught up with a lot of work. I know that’s not an excuse, but I assure you I will be super active from now on.

Life has been quite hectic on the Yoga front lately. I mean the second term seems to be very time-consuming. There is so much theory and so much to study, that I am finding it difficult to keep up. For the first term, I was very much ahead of the game, but this term, I just feel lost. I don’t like being this way. Yoga is something that makes me happy. I guess it’s time to pull up my socks and bounce back into the game, right? I am going to do just that.

We are just drowned into all the theoretical knowledge off lately. There are a number of assignments lined up, there is a project due, a unit test coming up in just 2 weeks and the pressure is building up. But do you know what I am going to do now, as a yoga student and an under training yoga teacher? Take a deep breathe and let it all out by chanting OooooMmmm! I have got to practice what I will be preaching in a few months!

I can do this. I will do this.
No pressure.
I will bounce back into the game ASAP

Never give up
|| Hari Om ||

YogaDiaries – Week 22, 23 & 24

Firstly, I would like to apologise for not posting anything about Yoga since three weeks, but nevertheless, I am back. So week 22 was quite interesting, we learnt a few more asanas like Shirsana, though I haven’t tried it yet, but I will soon. Since week 23 was the New Years weekend, I missed my class for that week and I still feel so guilty about it.

Talking about week 24, we had our Shudhikriya class this week and since I had had a heavy and late dinner the night before, I couldn’t perform the detox exercises. I still got to see all the Shudikriyas and I will soon perform them at home. I will write about them in more detail once I get the first-hand experience regarding the same.

|| Hari Om |

YogaDiaries – Week 21

I am very excited to share the details about this week’s Yoga class! Well, this Sunday we had our class at Yeoor Hills, which is a hilly area in Thane City and is a perfect place for some peace and tranquil. It was a complete program which started off with some deep meditation and OM chanting, followed by breakfast and bhajans (spiritual songs) accompanied by the harmonium, it’s strange how today’s generation is forgetting about the traditional musical instrument, right? Anyway, post the bhajans we had a lecture on Yoga Therapy and the session ended with some chilled lemon sherbet. By the way, all of this happened in the open. We were sitting at the top of the hills surrounded by nature. There was absolutely no city noise reaching up there, all we could hear was the chirping of birds, and peace.

Our Gurus always tell us to avoid thinking about various things while meditating but this time they said something different. They told us,”Like every time we aren’t going to tell you to shut your mind, let nature have its effect on you.” And guess what? They were right. Amidst all the tranquillity, no alien thought was entering our minds, at least I can vouch for my mind. I was at peace.

I am not really a nature person, and I would prefer city life over nature any day. But it was that day that I realised, a little bit of time around nature does no harm. I was feeling so fresh and at peace, in spite of waking up early, I didn’t yawn even a single time while I was over there. The lush greenery was so refreshing and beautiful that I didn’t feel like leaving that place. A little nature is essential every now and then, not to disconnect from the city life but to connect with yourself. Spend some time amidst nature and away from your phone, work and tensions and get ready to discover yourself.

Here are a few pictures from this refreshing day:


Looks so peaceful, right?



With my previous group


The whole batch! Can you find me?


The Gurus showing us a new way to applaud


Early morning meditation session

|| Hari Om ||

YogaDiaries – Week 20

They sure are training us to be good teachers! We now have a project to submit, not exactly a dissertation, but something on the similar lines. I am kind of excited but at the same time also nervous about it. It will require a good amount of research and understanding. And it is something important and I want to do it with all my heart and hard-work.

We have so many theory lectures going on right now, that I already feel I have learnt so much, but of course, I want to learn more. I am loving each and every moment of this course. They have again called the demonstrator to help us perfect even the basics of the basic asanas. It makes me happy when I experience all the stretches and bends. Yoga is all about experiencing every pose. It is not about how well can you perform or do it or how flexible you are, it is about how much can you do it as per your capacity and then experiencing the changes.

Keep Yoga-ing

|| Hari Om ||