Happy Yoga Day

Hey, you guys!

Today is the 4th International Yoga Day. It makes me really happy that because of dedicating a day to Yoga, so much awareness is created for it. But at the same time, it makes me sad that people only practice yoga on this one day (social media pressure?) and then forget about it, just like a New Years’ Resolution. Read More


Yoga | Life Update

Hey, you guys!

It’s been quite a while since I spoke about Yoga and I thought that now would be a good time to just update you all about how life is on the yoga front.

As you must be knowing, I successfully completed my Diploma Degree in Yoga Education (Teacher Training Course) this year. And post that I am now pursuing a Master’s Degree in the same field. I am just grateful for whatever happened in the past, otherwise, I would have been studying Communication or Journalism, whereas Yoga was meant for me. I am really happy that I am finally studying and learning about something that I am passionate about.
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YogaDiaries – Week 39, 40, 41 & 42

This basically comprises of the last month of my Yoga course. We had to undergo a Vasantik Varg in the month of May, that is nothing but a summer class, more like an internship. Wherein we had to run a class for a whole month, we as in 3-4 teachers-to-be. I had got my centre near my house, so that was very convenient for me as I am not at all a morning person and this internship was supposed to be in the early morning hours, 6:00-7:15 AM.

We had to first generate awareness about this class, basically, gather students for the class to run. Then, we had to do everything right from forms distribution, to looking after the place, conducting classes, attending to the students, clearing doubts, giving demos, helping students attain the final position, relaxing them, conducting shudhikriyas, and what not! But all of this together has improved me a lot. When you teach, you learn. This one month has been a great learning experience for me. I am really grateful to have this amazing batch as my first class.

In this one month, I overcame my fear of public speaking, I feel more confident than ever and it feels good, in a non-ego way when people look up to you or think you are worthy enough to solve their queries. I was the youngest one in the class, but this time not as a student but teacher. All my students were older to me by 10 years minimum and yet they thought I was worthy enough to attend to them. I feel really grateful for that.

The second last class was that of sharing experiences. And this was the best class for me, by far. Students shared their experiences and it was so heartwarming to listen to them. They said such sweet things about the teachers and how they now felt like family and that they could sense the bond that has grown amongst us now. They said that the teachers helped them achieve the final position and polished them in such a way that they couldn’t learn by doing yoga with the help of CDs.

I was very touched because I celebrated my birthday with this batch, first birthday that started on a very different and good foot. It had been just 4 days since the class had commenced, we were still getting to know each other, yet the students made it so special for me and gave those lovely and warm wishes. It feels really good when somebody gives you such hearty wishes. The proud and happy moment for a teacher is when they see their students improve. Such was my experience, in the first week of the class, I could sense discomfort on the faces of them while sitting in Vajrasana, but in the fourth week, they were able to sit in the Asana for a longer duration and in a comfortable manner.

It really makes you feel blessed when the students say they feel a lot better physically and mentally with just 4 weeks of yoga practice. My oldest student is 87 years and he said that if I can learn something new at this age and if it still makes me improve then I would love to continue this practice.

The last comprised of Dhyan Varg, that is meditation class.It was such a blissful one hour, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Later that evening, we had a small function for the teachers-to-be, wherein everyone was sharing their experiences and we also had dinner organised by the Institute. I am going to miss this batch a lot. I hope that all of us remain in touch and keep practising yoga forever.

Doesn’t it feel amazing when you are part of the reason for somebody’s wellbeing? I feel proud of myself for helping others live a better life. I am extremely grateful to my institute that has entitled me to such good knowledge, helped me improve as a person and evolved me from a student to a teacher.

This batch will forever remain special to me.

|| Hari Om ||


YogaDiaries – Week 38

Yoga exams have come to an end and I think I did pretty well in the examination. For the first time in my life, I wasn’t scared of exams. In fact, I was excited and looking forward to them. I think this happens only when you are really passionate towards something, right? Yoga is like magic for me. It has the power to calm me down, make me feel happy and good about myself and others in general. I am in my best element right after practising Yoga. It is sheer magic.

Week 38 began with a general gathering of all our centres and an overall briefing about our following month. So the last month of our course consists of a month long Internship, wherein we have to look at every little thing, right from generating awareness about this summer camp for people to organising and maintaining our centre, to giving out forms, managing receipts, teaching, giving demos, studying, solving queries, making people feel comfortable and what not.

So, we were briefed about our internship and later distributed into groups to form our centres. Luckily I got my centre near my house, so I don’t have to commute much. Since I am not a morning person, the little catch about this month long internship is its timings – 6 AM – 7:15 AM. But, I think I will manage that too because I will be waking up for something I love.

The same day, after the briefing, Kaivalyadham Mumbai had organised a 2-day conference on the theme – Yoga and Youth, and I really wanted to attend it. So, this was my first Yoga Conference and I loved it. Honestly, it was a bit of overdose for me so for a while I also chilled at the Marine Drive, but overall it was a very good experience. We had some great and eminent speakers at the conference and also our Guruji was also a key panellist at one of the session.

Week 38 was pretty amazing for me. Learnt so many new things, interacted with different people, stepped out of my comfort zone, did things I never thought I would do and learnt to have conversations with people from completely different backgrounds and personalities.

I love Yoga and every little opportunity that it brings along for me.
|| Hari Om ||


YogaDiaries – Week 34, 35, 36 & 37

The title seems pretty long, doesn’t it? Well, I thought instead of doing small posts about it, why not write one single post and summarise the last few weeks (month)? Because it was very routine like.

Week 34:

This week we had to submit our projects that we had compiled over a period of 2 months of research, hard work and experience. My topic was ‘Yoga for hearing’. Like always, even though we had sufficient time to finish it off, I still ended up struggling with it at the last moment. Overall, I was pretty happy with the way it turned out to be, only, I wish the spiral binding was a bit neater. All in all, happy, done and dusted.

Weeks 35, 36 & 37:

These weeks were all about the written examinations. Owing to the vast topics and syllabus, our institute was kind enough to arrange Revision lectures before every theory paper. I swear to God, the revision lectures were amazing and so helpful. My exams went pretty good as well. I am happy and satisfied with the complete course in general. I never knew I could study something without somebody reminding me time and again that I need to study. I guess that is what happens when you have a deep interest in something. I had exams on Anatomy and Physiology, Yogic Concepts, Education Psychology and Patanjali Yoga Sutras.

I remember for one of the exams I feel sick just a night prior to the examination. I completely freaked out over the fact that I didn’t get to revise. Also, since I was low on energy, my writing speed was slower, but it’s okay, I managed somehow and the exam went well.

Live Yoga
|| Hari Om ||


YogaDiaries – Week 32 & 33

The course is almost coming to an end. For the last two weeks, we had our Lesson Planning exam on Pranayama and a Theoretical topic, for which I had selected the study of OM. I was very happy with my Lesson Planning exams.

For the 33rd week, we had our final exam for Shuddhikriya, that is detoxification and Asanas. Shuddhikriyas was okay but I nailed the Asanas and Pranayama. Couldn’t be any happier! The coming week is a little bit packed because we have to submit our projects and I am nowhere close to completion. That’s okay, I will do it somehow.

Until next time,
|| Hari Om ||