November Favourites

November was more like a friends and family month. I met so many people this month, it was more like my favourite month because I like being around everyone and just having fun. Let’s jump straight into my November:

Sister’s Birthday: The month started off with my sister’s birthday on the 1st of November. Initially, we thought it was just going to be the four of us, but 2-3 days before her birthday, my grandmother called and she said that they’ll join us too. So we went to Sigree, Powai for her birthday dinner. It was so nice to have the whole family around after a long time. How I love celebrating with everyone! Since I know how tired she gets from her work schedule, so I gifted her a spa coupon from Myo Thai, which she really valued, she never knew I would put this much thought into buying her a gift, but she loved it.

Weekend Getaway: This was a plan that my school friends were making since quite some time and finally it happened. We went to Lonavala for the weekend and I must tell you that I loved the bungalow that we had booked. Just in case, if you are looking for a space in Lonavala, Valley Vista is the name that I would like to recommend. Anyway, I enjoyed this mini-trip and had fun.


Day Out: I really wanted to meet this one friend since a month, but he had his exams going on so we couldn’t meet. Whenever my mind troubles me, I talk it out with this person. He is more like my remedy. Finally, we both got free and had this amazing day out in Mumbai, we were literally place hopping that day, but it was so much fun. The wait was worth it!

Movie Night: It is very rare that our family goes to the movies and that too at night because everyone has to wake up early the next day. But we made it this time, it was such an impromptu plan and I love such plans. We went for Dear Zindagi and I really liked the movie. I wish I go for more such movies with my family.

How was your November?


I miss her..!

I lost my best friend over a misunderstanding. She started dating this guy and she chose him over me. I didn’t know this guy personally, it was only through her that I knew things about him, based on that I didn’t really approve of him, but I never really told her to break up with him or something. But sadly, she started thinking that I am not really happy for her or that I wish negative/bad for her. This was really surprising to me because I thought she knew what kind of a person I am, apparently not.

Call it fate, we ended up at the same office, things were awkward initially, but then we found our equilibrium to maintain the professional position. But as we had anticipated, things got rough over there too. I quit my job after that, because I just couldn’t cry every day over her and how things had gotten with us. Again, somehow I was asked to rejoin the organisation and that, in turn, was a very good thing that happened to us. We kind of cleared out much of the professional misunderstandings. But it turned out that she blocked me from all her social media platforms because her boyfriend was coming back in town and she didn’t want me to see her personal life because ‘I wish bad for her’. Isn’t your best friend choosing another guy over you, heartbreaking enough that she goes on to have this prejudice about you that you don’t wish well for her? But anyway, she must have her situations, it’s okay. I don’t need to prove it to her or anybody on what she means to me or rather meant to me.

I know we can never be normal again, but it was just in my head that I can’t hold grudges for a person who meant a lot to me. I mean, even now when I look back to the amazing photos that we had during our college times, it still makes me miss her, but obviously, priorities. It’s okay, I guess. After I quit my job, she started calling me and talking things out about her office frustrations, I thought that maybe even she wants to solve things and move on. So yesterday, since I was around the office area, I called her up and asked if she wants to meet, she said yes. But the moment she came in front of me, that was the coldest way in which she has ever met me. I just stood there looking at her and wondering, ‘Who is this person?’ She seems like a different person to me now. It feels like time has run out, nothing can be altered now. This is how things are going to be. I have lost her forever.

I feel sad that she didn’t really know the real me, she just went ahead and judged me, for whom? For a third person, whom she met online, her boyfriend, she chose him over me. That was my role in her life. Wow.

I still miss her, but I know nothing can be done. I wish her all the best in her life, sadly she is wrong, I don’t wish bad for her. But I wish that the guy she chose over me, never breaks her heart and I hope all this is worth it in the end. I miss the person that she was, the friendship that we shared, I miss her, not the new person that she is now. I don’t know this new person, hence I will not judge her. Now she is just somebody that I used to know.

Sorry for the sad story, but I was kind of feeling low about it and just wanted to get it out somewhere.

Never break friendships!


Why do we suppress when we need to express?
Why are we ashamed to express our own emotions?
Why do we need to think twice before expressing?

People, especially guys think that crying is equal to being weak. Who said that? Why can’t guys cry? It is of utmost important to realize your emotions as and when you feel them. You feel like crying? Grab a bucket and cry your eyes out. You feel like laughing? No one is stopping you to laugh your ass out and fall on the floor. You feel like telling that one person that you love them? Walk up to them with your head held high and confess. You feel like sleeping? Pounce on that comfortable bed/couch/chair and just doze off. You want to eat? Hog on. You feel excited about something? Jump around like a lunatic person.

Do anything but suppress your emotions. Express as much as you can, because if you don’t who will? Why are we always asked to suppress our anger? Why can’t we just let it out once and for all and be done with it? Things would be so much better if we wouldn’t think twice before saying anything. It would be so much better if we wouldn’t delete the message that we had typed but rather just hit the send button. It would be so much better if we would just say each and everything that comes to our mind during a conversation and the words wouldn’t just be like the other words, lost in our head.

Our parents always teach us to respect our elders, which also means not to raise your voice at them, because hey, that’s disrespectful. So, if I am having some issues with my father, can’t I even argue? Wouldn’t that lead to further misunderstandings between us? Yeah, but hey you gotta respect them, right? Who cares if you aren’t expressing yourself clearly because of that, it is okay. Let’s not fall for all these daily life traps, let’s focus on improving ourselves by expressing better. Do you miss someone and want them back in your life, but your ego is coming in your way? Then kick your ego aside, pick up that phone and text that person! It is as easy as that.

Express, don’t suppress!

Make room for more..!

Since I have some renovation work going on in my house, I had to pack all my stuff into these cardboard boxes. Initially, it all seemed to be easy and fun, but that is so not how my packing process is going on. First I thought I would just dump all my things into the boxes but then I realised that I needed to sort everything out because I won’t be having enough space in my new room.

So began the process of sorting all my old stuff and deciding whether I would need them in my future or should I just discard them. Then you know the drill of cleaning the cupboards, you end up looking back at the past by holding on to that one item in your hand and you are in this dilemma whether you want to still keep it in your life and toss in the bin. It is difficult, my friend. Even I ended up in such a situation. I found my old Slam Books, drawing books, notes, last pages of my school books, photographs and such nice old memories. But then I also found some bad memories that were pushed in the back of my bookshelf. A few letters, greeting cards, gifts and guilt. It brought back some bad memories from the past and now the dilemma that crossed my mind was how to get rid of this stuff without anyone noticing it. Of course, I tore it into bits and showed it the bottom of the bin.

But what about my old craft items and my collection of Hrithik Roshan’s newspaper cuttings? I can’t throw them away. But come to think of it, there is no point in holding on to them either, they would just be packed in a box in the back of my store room. It is so difficult to decide.

The point of this whole thing is that a few weeks ago in my Yoga class, our Sir was advising us to let go of the old stuff to make room for new. I had noted in agreement at that point but now when I am in that situation, boy it is tough to let go!

Brain says: ‘Let it go, let it go, can’t hold it back anymore’ (Got the reference? 😉 Please say Yes )
Heart says: ‘That’s your childhood, so what if you won’t use those items, hoard it and we’ll build some new shelves for the new stuff.’

What to do? Help

Smart ways to save money

Being just a fresh-out-of-college person, I don’t have a steady/fixed income. But nevertheless, I always have money on me as compared to my friends who are also of the same age. So, be it any dinner plans or weekend plans, I never really have to worry about my money. Not that I spend recklessly, but it’s just that I save sufficiently. You can save it too, here’s how:

Separate it:
If you are working or you get your pocket money, whatever may be the source of your income, separate it. What do I mean by that? Well, just take out 1/2 or a little more than that out of your income and save it. You don’t need to touch this money, you can either save it in your bank or invest it, but do not splurge it. You have the remaining amount to splurge as and when you want.

Think and Spend:
Why do you need to finish off all your money on transportation when you can save those few extra bucks? Give the local ride a miss and walk the distance or take a public transport, as simple as that. Health is wealth, right?

If you have some huge shopping to be done in the next month’s sale, you know that might lead to a little personal financial crunch, so why not plan your spendings? Save this month and a little the next month so that you don’t face any problems in the consecutive month.

Save those changes:
Now, whenever my mother asks me to get something from the nearby store, I usually don’t return the loose change. No, I don’t steal it, but instead, I put it in my box (Yeah I am 22 years old but I still have a sort of a piggy box) And when I open the box in a couple of months interval I have a mini fortune right there from all the loose change. I simply go and deposit that in my bank account.

Just little steps that will prove to be a lot helpful in the long run. Try it yourself and you will feel a lot more secure with your money.

Save Money


Relationships, not everyone is lucky enough to have them, and for those who have them are not hardworking enough to make it sustain. And by relationships, I don’t necessarily mean a couple’s relationship, but it also includes the relationship that we share with our friends, parents, teachers or even enemies for that matter. All it takes is a moment, a brief moment to screw up the whole relationship. One silly mistake, and *puff*, congrats, you have screwed it up.

I don’t get the point how is it that simple for some people to jeopardise their relationship with someone for just a moment of pleasure or satisfaction! Relationships, though take years to form, they still balance on that one single thread. And if you are crazy enough to break that thread, then be ready for the consequences as well, nothing severe, just that you would never be able to go that perfect thread line ever again. Sure, the other person might give you another chance, another moment, but things can never be exactly the way they used to be.

In any relationship, it is very important for two people to grow with each other. It is not a business or societal matter that you pull the other person down to get up. No. Here, to reach the top you need that person with you. And even if you reach up first, remember to turn around and give that person a hand and pull them up as well. It is because of your loved ones unclaimed support that you are where you are, never forget that.

You will never get anything good out of doing bad things behind someone’s back, that someone who has all the trust and faith in you. Why complicate life when you can be true to someone? In this fast-paced world of today, where people don’t have time to think even for themselves, isn’t it amazing when someone has the time to think about you, someone other than themselves? Value it.

We often make this mistake of not valuing something when we have it and regret our decisions when we don’t have it. Don’t do that. Let’s spend more time or at least make more time for our relationships. Let’s take that effort. Ask yourself one thing, ‘Who will remember you when you die? Your relations or your money/hectic life?’

Try doing this and life will be so much better. I am not telling you to just cut down on your work, or don’t run behind your dream, all I am asking you is amidst all this chaos don’t forget your relations.

Spread love, be in love.