Birthday Cake

Birthday – Part I

It was my 23rd birthday on 5th May and I won’t lie about it, but somehow the number freaked me out. I don’t mind getting older and I am not scared of the numbers but somehow just this one number ’23’ freaked me out. Probably because of the fact that this is the year a lot of changes are going to take place or simply because this year can completely transform my life.

My birthday started off with my school friends coming to wish me at midnight with the birthday cake, which I think was really sweet of them. It is only when you are out of college that you realise who truly is there for you and who isn’t. People surely wish you on FaceBook, but very few people will spare 2 mins to actually send you a personal message or call after seeing the reminder. It means a lot to me when friends I am not even in touch with, make sure to at least drop me a message every year. As we get older, our circle starts getting smaller and smaller. So was the case with my birthday. But I am really glad that it started off with the people who mean a lot to me, people who really care for and who love me. No unwanted people this year, just everyone who are a part of my small inner circle.

Anyway, that was that. On the actual day, my day started off in a very unusual manner, something that I have never done. I woke up at 5:15 AM, I mean I had to. I am not at all a morning person. But I have this Yoga Internship going on, for which I had to take the class. I met these students just 4 days before my birthday and all of them were so sweet, they wished me, sang the birthday song like we used to in school, gave me their blessings and good wished. It was a different yet amazing start of my birthday. For lunch, we went to Madeira and Mime in Powai. I must say, I absolutely loved the place. In fact, you can read the detailed review about it on Zomato. I had a great time over there, after which we went to the Powai Lake to chill for a while till the time our Uber came.

For dinner, I went to Barbeque Nation with my family. No, my birthday wasn’t just about the food, but hey, I am a Punjabi and food is important. I had a good time over there too. It’s like a family ritual to have dinner together on birthdays and I absolutely love it.

Just 4 days before my birthday, my sister had taken me shopping and she knows how crazy I am when it comes to perfumes. I always wanted a perfume from Parcos, but since a majority of them are expensive, I always thought to enter that store when I had a good amount of cash with me. Suddenly, while shopping, my sister entered the Parcos store and asked me, ‘Which one do you want?’ I was completely shocked! I wasn’t even ready to enter the store. But since she wasn’t coming out, I had to step in. In just 2 minutes we came out of the store with a Parcos bag and a Calvin Klein Perfume!!! I cried for 30 minutes straight. I am strange that way, I get over emotional when something really touches me.

Ah! It was such an amazing day!


It’s never too late!

It is never too late to write a new chapter in the book of life, to turn the page or even close the book. It is your life, be in control of it or somebody else might simply take over. No! Break free from anything that is holding you back and do what you want to do, what your heart wants. You only have this one life to live, don’t waste it and most importantly, don’t go against your happiness just to please others.

My life could have been something completely different right now, but I am glad that things turned out to be the way they are right now. If only I would have taken control of the situations, my story could’ve started a little bit earlier than it originally did. But fate worked in my favour, it won’t always. Don’t leave it up to fate every single time. Be in charge. I swear, I can’t imagine my life without this one chapter in my index, my complete story would’ve been incomplete without it. Be the storyteller and not a mere reader of your own book.

More than anything, keep writing about these little chapters and notes, let it be for your personal use and not necessarily public, but just write them down. Because after a few years, when you decide to look back, those words will bring back so many emotions in your life. Words can be so beautiful and so hurtful at times, but let us just focus on the beauty of life. Life is really beautiful when you are happy in it. And how can you be happy? By giving your heart what it desires.

Your heart wants to break free of some relations, but you aren’t because you can’t break somebody’s heart even at the price of breaking your own heart? Don’t do that, with a broken heart you can’t love anybody, instead follow your heart and ask that person out who makes you happy. Do things that make you happy and never ever give up on that happiness.

I am glad that I have one such chapter in my book that played the role of a story changer. My story could’ve been something really different, but I am so so happy that that chapter happened. A chapter that is really close to my heart.

Write your own story, be your own storyteller!

Tarot-O-Scope 2017

Happy New Year to all you beautiful people out there. Now that 2016 is over and everyone is finally out of their party hangovers, let’s shed some light on the year 2017. Most of us are inquisitive about the future and how things are going to be. Let’s jump straight into the Tarot Card Readings/Predictions for the year 2017 for all the Zodiac Signs!

Aries (March 21 – April 19):
Health: Take care of yourself and try to maintain a good and healthy lifestyle this year. Also, try to stay away from anything that is affecting your health in a negative way.
Love: The Justice Card sure indicates that there should be transparency in your relationships, stay away from cheating your loved ones. It also denotes that you need to be careful by not being too judgemental or critical towards your relationships.
Money: Anything that involves partnership is favourable for you this year. Don’t think twice to accept any new offers that involve a partner. It will turn out to be a trustworthy deal.
Work: You are a people’s person, aren’t you? Well, shine just like that then. This year, the career front pushes you to be in the limelight. It is a going to be a great year for anyone in the PR, business or holding a responsible position.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20):
Health: Is your New Years Resolution to get back in shape? Then, this year you will have to stick to it, because if you do that then you are sure to get your results.
Love: Numerous love opportunities will knock your door this year, Taurus. Don’t be completely ignorant about it. Accept it and enjoy what it has to offer to you. Your love luck is definitely in your favour this 2017.
Money: Consider what fate has to offer to you. Though the money luck is also in your favour and you can bet your stars for any lotteries, too, this phase isn’t going to be a stable one, it will come and go and come back again.
Work: As far as the work/career goes, trust your gut instinct. With the Strength Card placed perfectly, you can overcome or survive any situation. You won’t require constant support and you can very well work things out on your own.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20):
Health: Do not try to experiment with your health. Just take one step at a time and at your own pace.
Love: Your love life is going to be great in 2017. Partnerships are in your favour this year.
Money: This year can be a good shift for you, from the bad phase to a better phase. There can be chances of you moving out of your geographical boundaries for your career or expansion.
Work: You will be in control of your career. Keep learning and updating yourself this year. You will be the kind of person who usually is behind the scene but ensures all the actions are profitable. You need to stay focused and you prove to be an excellent person on who others can depend upon for advice.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22):
Health: With the King of Wands Card coming in for your health, you don’t need to worry about anything as you will have everything under control and in check.
Love: Your love life, be it towards your partner or the love towards your family, both are in the happy zone. Your love/family will stand by each other and spread the love.
Money: You can expect some unexpected flow of money through an old friend/connection this year. However, this doesn’t mean that you start tapping all your old connections now. Let things happen on their own.
Work: Appreciation, growth is on the table for this year. This also seems to be a good year for work related travelling. You might be in the spirit to go wherever you see growth or achievement, just ensure that you are well balanced to move things ahead.

Leo (July 23 – August 22):
Health: No one can tell you better about your body but you. So this year pay close attention to the messages that your body is giving you.
Love: One can never get anything out of crying over spilt milk. The Cards are telling you to move on and not to be stuck in the past. Not every time will you trust the wrong person. Let go of old things to accept the new things that life has to offer to you.
Money: You might have to hold on to your money this year. Think twice before spending unnecessarily.
Work: If an opportunity arises wherein you would be required to multitask or do 2 things simultaneously, close your eyes and go for it. A good year to balance different things.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22):
Health: Virgo, you need to take care of your health this year, especially any heart-related issues. Don’t take any criticism or stress too much.
Love: This might be a rough year for love, because of your own self. Watch what you say, as unknowingly you might be hurting or coming off as selfish to your loved ones. Work a little bit on your communication skills this year.
Money: Follow your gut feeling and have trust in God. Things will turn out to be just fine.
Work: Have you been planning to start something of your own? Guess what, now might just be the right time to do so! 2017 seems to be a good year to start your own business.

Libra (September 23 – October 22):
Health: Just like behind every successful person there is someone, behind your good health lies your ever supporting family and loved ones. And even if you tend to fall sick this year, don’t worry, your loved ones have your back.
Love: You are never too old to learn something new. Keep working on yourself, you are not perfect and you know it. Just keep getting better at everything. If you become stale it will indirectly stale your relationships.
Money: The World Card indicates that you will get the growth that you wanted but it also means that you would be required to step out and do something against your ethics to get what you want. But hey, money is guaranteed.
Work: In terms of career, you will have to be a little bit patient to get the job of your dreams. You will be required to put in more efforts and the rewards that you will get in return won’t match your expectations. Slow growth, I would say.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21):
Health: Don’t let sadness and depression get you, Scorpio. Try to remain happy and optimistic. Also, listen to the signs of your body, don’t ignore the little messages that it sends you. Have certain health goals in your mind this year? Go for them, but with all your heart and against all odds. Also, stay away from anything that stresses out your body or mind.
Love: You need to work on your tongue this year. Unknowingly, the tongue of yours is doing more damage than it possibly can. And it is just because of your words that your loved ones might drift away from you and start hating you.
Money: Money wise, this year seems to put you in power or authority, enjoy it while it lasts.
Work: If your work starts giving you stress and sleepless nights, accept it sooner that it is not meant for you.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21):
Health: With the Tower Card coming up for health, stay away from stressful situations. Severe health issues can take place, but don’t give in. Try to indulge yourself in meditation. This year might seem tough, but just keep swimming, you will be through it.
Love: Why do want to be a miser when it comes to love? Don’t refrain from showing your love. Shower your loved ones with love, attention and create beautiful memories out of 2017.
Money: The Tarot Cards believe that this year is a little slow when it comes to finance. Due to past experiences, not only you are taking things slowly but destiny is also on the first gear with you.
Work: You have got to learn to say No this year. Don’t take unnecessary negative burdens this year. This won’t give you anything in return monetarily, but it will only hamper your productivity. Don’t take additional responsibilities and overwork yourself.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19):
Health: Capricorn, try to tap your spiritual side as this year is more like a detox for you. Drop all the bad old habits and embrace the new ones, it is a renewal period for you. Try to meditate and calm yourself.
Love: Even though you might feel like running away from the existing situations, don’t do that. That will just make things difficult when you would have no other option but to come back and face the same situations. Just stay put.
Money: The Tarot Cards are in your favour when it comes to finances for 2017. Some kind of a good fortune/bank balance is indicated this year. Cherish what you have, because even all the money in the world is never enough. Enjoy the success and grow together.
Work: New opportunities are coming up for you this year. Your business will now start giving you good money as a result. This is a good year to deal with property.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18):
Health: You need to open your eyes, don’t take your health for granted.
Love: The Tarot Cards have predicted a very happy and content love year for you. Enjoy the little moments and let things run their natural course.
Money: Old ways of getting money will end abruptly but that will happen only to pave a path for the new ways. Have faith, this will be a rebirth kind of a year for your finances.
Work: At the work front, you will have things your way. You will not get stuck in anything and you will be able to get your work from others.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20):
Health: Charge towards your goal, Pisces! Focus and run behind it. Have a healthy year!
Love: Don’t depend too much on whatever the other person is telling you, most of it would just be airy thoughts. Don’t fall for every word that you listen.
Money: This year will give you financial independence. You will make loads of money and wealth, but all that will happen only because you worked hard to achieve it.
Work: However, as far your career is considered, it seems to be a little unstable this year. Be the hard-worker that you are and mind your own business this year, literally.

Hope you all have an amazing 2017!

December Favourites

December was really fun and happening for me. A month that forced me to be around people and places more than being just at home and doing my work. I love being outdoors. So, let’s jump straight into my amazingly awesome December.

Day out with my sister: Remember I had gifted her a spa voucher last month? She used it this month and thank God she loved it. So while she was getting her spa done, I was casually sitting in Café Coffee Day, sipping a cold beverage and working on my blog. I loved spending some time alone and I think I will be doing that more often. So post her spa we had gone to SodaBottleOpenerWala, Viviana Mall and after so long I got to spend time with her.


Interview Outing: I had this interview in Andheri, but somehow I didn’t like the vibe of the place so I backed out and never went to the interview. Instead, I went to Dunkin Donuts and Zaffran and ate to my heart’s content. That was a different kind of a day.

The Spinster Party: First girl to be getting married from our group, so there definitely had to a spinster party. It was a first for us too and we really didn’t know how to execute it as well, but I think we somehow did a pretty good job. Our friend didn’t know that we were planning this and she was taken aback the moment she saw us at Bar Index lounge. We had decorated the table with balloons and her gift sat in the middle of the table along with a Tiara and Bride-To-Be Sash, which we got from Ribbons and Balloons. We gifted a Baby Doll lingerie for her honeymoon which we got from Amanté.


The Wedding: It was a weird yet happy moment when we saw her on the stage, all dressed up and married. I felt so grown up, it was actually happening. One of us, rather the first amongst us was getting married. And I can’t even tell you how beautiful she was looking, a perfect South Indian Bride!


Shopping Day: A friend of mine wanted to buy something from Sephora so I accompanied her to Palladium Mall and I am in love with Sephora and all the high-end brands like Dior, Chanel, Estee Lauder. It was that day that I made a promise to myself, ‘I will earn money only to shop and splurge on these brands!’

Yoga at Yeoor: I loved the yoga session that we had at Yeoor Hills this month. Such a pleasant morning and a perfect place for yoga.


Waterhouse Deli: I visited this place in Thane and I absolutely loved the interiors. It was such a cute and comfortable place. If you are from in or around Thane, I would definitely recommend this place.


When I was being a townie: So my friend wanted to submit a form in his college and I decided to tag along, because I love going to South Mumbai. After his college task was done, we strolled at Colaba Causeway for a while and then went to Colaba Social to grab a few drinks. No meal is complete without desserts, right? So to fulfil our sugar cravings, we thought of trying out Le 15 Café, such a cute little place, I am going to visit it again with my sister. And the cupcakes were amazing.

When I almost lost my iPhone: You know the mini-heart attack that you get when you check your pocket and don’t find your phone? Yeah, something like that happened with me this month.

Haircut: So I got rid of everything that was pulling me down, even my hair. Just kidding, my hair was kind of feeling dull, so I decided to do something about it. I went to Kapil’s Saloon and spoke to the hair stylist, it is amazing how he suggested something and completely transformed my hair thoughts. I love my new haircut, unlike other times when I start cribbing about it from the next day itself.

How was your December?

Story Time – When I almost lost my iPhone

Happy and in conversation with a fellow Yoga student, I was coming back home after my class, this lady offered me a ride back home (also a Yoga student). We got into the car and got talking about various things. Being in my Yoga track pants, I completely forgot that my pockets were a bit loose to keep my phone in there safely. So I got down near my society and my immediate reaction was to check my pocket to make sure my iPhone was with me, it wasn’t. My gut instinct told me to wave frantically at the car while she was leaving, but I thought to myself, “It’ll probably be in my bag.” I quickly checked my bag, it wasn’t there. By then she had driven away. I was panicking at that moment because all my numbers were in my phone, I didn’t know for sure if my iPhone was in her car or had it slipped out of my track pant near the school, I didn’t know what to do.

I ran home because I thought I could quickly message a few people on FaceBook and get her number. I was hoping that the phone would be with her. As I came running home, I saw my Dad’s car wasn’t parked in the lot, but to my surprise he had just taken it out and was waiting for my sister to come down, they were going out to get some breakfast. Anyway, even being scared and panicky, I told him ‘I guess I lost my iPhone.’ He wasn’t prepared for this, because hey, it’s an expensive phone. So he asked me to get into the car and we would go and check near the school premises whether the phone is there somewhere or not. Till then I quickly logged into FaceBook and messaged a few people and got the lady’s number from here and there. By that time we had reached the school, I saw a thing looking like a phone on the road, completely destroyed, like a road roller had run over it. My heart started beating heavily, but it wasn’t my phone, it was just a destroyed screen guard. I tried calling the lady but she wasn’t answering her phone. Just then it clicked to me that I had kept the ‘Find my iPhone’ setting ‘on’ on my iPhone. Though I hadn’t tried this feature earlier, I had to do it now. My heart beats finally came to a normal speed when the location was detected, it was near the lady’s place. So, I knew that the phone was in her car. Finally, she called back and told me that my phone was with her. And that’s how I got my iPhone back, after 2 hours of crazy search.

Moral: Always listen to your gut instinct, be grateful to FaceBook and use the ‘Find my iPhone’ feature on time. But seriously, thank god for that feature!

PS: I am generally very careful of my personal belongings, I don’t know how this happened for the first time. But its all right, new lesson I suppose, I will be more careful henceforth.

PPS: Turn the ‘Find my iPhone’ setting ‘On’ all you Apple iPhone users!

Types of people you don’t need in your life!

We all make these fancy New Years’ Resolution but seldom keep them. But this New Year, instead of the normal resolutions like going to the gym, keeping your closet clean and what not, try to stick to this one resolution and you will not regret it. This New Years’ take a resolution to stay away from toxic people. You definitely don’t need this kind of negativity in your life. Probably, you don’t even consider these people to be negative, but try staying away from them and you will see the difference. What kind of toxic people you ask? Let’s dive in:

These kinds of people soak up so much of your time that they do full justice to a sponge. And after being with them all you think to yourself is, ‘I could have utilised my time in a much better way!’


You definitely don’t need these species in your life. Sure it is good to get some criticism to do better in life, but constant criticism? You can give that a miss.


These are the kind who like to play the victim in every situation, even when nothing has gone wrong. And what happens? They want sympathies, all the time. They are very harmful to you, so stay away.


Pressure Cookers:
These pressure cookers are very short tempered. They tend to get angry quite often and over nothing. Stay away from them and keep your head cool. You don’t need this unnecessary stress in your life.


Need I say anything about them? They claim to be your good friends, but they lie to you in your face. Time and again they’ll lie to you and cover it up like they didn’t do anything wrong. Don’t fall for this kind and maintain distance.

Liar nose

Trust me on this one, this kind will gossip around and with you ALL THE TIME. And even if you don’t like gossiping, they’ll pull you into that swirl, after which everyone considers you to be a gossiper. They’ll also keep the gun on your shoulder to fire and you won’t even notice.


Drama Queens:
Trust me you don’t need this drama in your life’s movie. Their life is any which way a super hit movie.


‘What will others think?’:
Anyone who uses this dialogue on you for any situation, throw them out of your life instantly. It’s your life and you can live it the way you want to without worrying about what others will think. So to hell with those dialogue delivers.


Do you have any such people in your life that you need to kick out?