It’s my birthday tomorrow!

It’s my birthday tomorrow (5th May) and I’ll be turning 22, damn, it doesn’t feel like it. I am the kind of person who will start getting excited about birthday’s right from 20-30 days before it. So I am kind of excited and happy about it but at the same time I am feeling a bit low. I mean, what great have I done in these 22 years? I wanted to learn how to drive a car before turning 22, I couldn’t even initiate towards this, I wanted to be a pro at cooking, and I don’t even enter the kitchen, my friends circle is reducing with every passing year, I wanted to reach to 200 followers on my blog before my birthday, which I couldn’t because I didn’t give enough time to my blog, and so much more.

But I know these are just a few aspects and there is so much more happiness than this, but you get me right? My blog is one place where I can write my heart out and I know there are so many people out there who would relate to my situations and feelings. Obviously I will write one happy post about my birthday on the very next day, which will be a complete contradictory one to this, but everyone gets these thoughts before turning a year older, right?

But this feeling too shall pass. Okay, so since this is already out of my head and out there on the blog, I already feel a tad bit lighter and a tiny bit more excited for my birthday. (Yay! Yay!)

It’s my birthday tomorrow! *does the happy dance*


When nothing goes right, go left!

Lately, I feel like nothing is going perfectly well in my life. I mean, everything is fine, but there is no edge to it. It’s just fine. I have a job that is paying me well, I get to spend time with my family and friends, I eat and rest well, and that’s it! It seems like my day has been set on a loop mode, wherein I wake up-go to work-come home and laze around-eat-sleep. This is not what I want. I want to read more, I want to work-out, and I want to go out more often. I just can’t figure out how I can squeeze all of this into my already existing boring routine. But it’s alright, where there is a will, there is a way!
Also, now when I look at my reflection in the mirror, I don’t feel very happy about what I see. My face has got dull, I have gained a little weight and my hair doesn’t feel all the great. I go shopping and it breaks my heart that my regular clothes size doesn’t fit me that well now. And to top it all, it’s my birthday next week and I am not at all excited about it.
But you know, amidst all this cribbing and self-critical mode, when you are about to give up and choosing the path of sulking, someone knocks sense into you and shows you that it’s not that difficult and everything can be dealt with, yeah, that! I had one of these moments yesterday, and I can say that I am charged up to take care of this situation that has gotten a tiny bit out of hand.
I will pave my own road and it’s going to be a highway to awesomeness!

Old is Gold!

Sure our lives move on once we are done with college and school, but one thing that I have learnt is that never ever, I repeat, never ever lose touch with your old friends. They are the people who know you really well. Let me tell you my story, it was as if I had lost complete touch with my school friends off lately, as I thought they don’t really care if I am with them for dinners or chilling out or anything. I tried being away from them, of course there were other reasons too, but point being, we had sort of lost touch. And trust me, I did miss them, I missed being around them. It was only recently that we all decided to meet up again as a friend of ours was coming back from London, so I thought that he is coming back all the way from there, the least I can do is walk down the street to meet them. I did. I had this misconception that they barely know me, since I don’t talk much. But it was at that moment when someone said something about me from the school days, and it forced me to think and recollect the memory that they had just mentioned.

I mean, they remember and know so much about me that I was overwhelmed. I had never expected that to happen. They have been a part of the growing up years, they have seen me happy, sad, angry, scared, irritated, everything. They have seen the ups and downs, they have seen me struggle, and they have seen me move one. I am happy to have them in my life. I don’t meet them often or we don’t text day in and day out. But I am glad to have them, each one of them. Because I know, they’ll be there for me when I need them. They will be there.

So, never ever let go off your friends for anything or anyone.

PS: Here’s a picture from the night I don’t remember much about! (you know why)


Hey, I Love You !

Think about one word, and now think about saying it all day, every day. It tends to lose its meaning, right? All that specialness that it holds, it just vanishes. And now think about the same word and using it only and only when it is needed. Feels special, right?

A girl gets complimented at every function or social gathering, all she does is puts up that smile and says ‘Thank you’, but she says that only for the other person to stop complimenting her. Sure she feels good about it, but that one compliment that she gets everytime doesn’t make her feel special everytime, does it? And when the same girl gets a different compliment which she thinks is straight from the heart, you can actually see a different smile when she says ‘Thank you.’

‘I love you,’ three beautiful words that can make any person feel wanted and loved. But try using the same three words all day, every day. It just loses its charm and meaning. It becomes like the first word you say when you answer a phone call – Hello.

Specials words require special moments. And when you end up using special words like a running water tap, then well the bucket does get full and wastes all the overflowing water.

Well, every person has a different shade.

I love this new Bollywood song the lyrics of which seem legit over here:
Mohabaat hai yeh ji huzoori nahi..


A complete day off is what I need right now. I don’t want anything else, but a day where I can just be with myself, somewhere near the sea sounds perfect right now. A day by the beach, sitting on the sand in some shaded place, enjoying the sea with that noise and fragrance, sipping on coconut water and that is nothing but heaven as of now!

Nothing is going wrong in my life, but still I feel like something is missing. I am kind of liking my job now, have plans for the future that I am going to execute well, family and loved ones are supportive and awesome as ever, though I wish I could get more time with them. I have started spending time with my school friends again, I am also getting in touch with all my long lost friends and it kind of feels good. Everything is fine, but something is missing.

I don’t get it why do I have this complete chaos in my head? Everything is fine, everything up here in my head is supposed to feel fine, then why is it not fine?

Argh! I need a vacation, my kind of party and time-out. No but I don’t want to go through the complete process of planning and then executing. Okay I will compensate with a holiday! I need one!


PS: I also need a similar picture at the beach!

Take it easy!

Best of both worlds? Sure! But what if I just want one world that has the best of everything? You can’t sail in two boats at the same time, can you? And you can’t even row one boat in two directions at the same time!

It is always better to do what your heart feels like, and not do things just because you want to please others, or ‘what-will-people-say/react-to-this’. Trust me, never ever do this. Because you won’t even know when this one small decision of yours can create havoc in your future life!

The past will always remain in the past, but you are what you are because of your past. Your past forms like a base to your existing being. So take wise decisions now so that you don’t end up regretting it in the future. The people and society are just there to talk behind your back, don’t take any decisions by keeping them in mind. After all they won’t stay with you forever, will they? Your family, close friends, and mostly ‘YOU’ are going to be constant in your life, these are the only people that will matter anytime: Yesterday, Today or Tomorrow.

Instead of aiming for creating two worlds for yourself, aim for one world and create a beautiful and happy life out of it. Things are not as complicated as they seem to be. Just let a few things go and accept a few things. It’s okay. Just don’t be hard on yourself. It’s okay.

And don’t keep worrying about the future so much that you forget to enjoy the present! It will all be okay.


PS: I need to practice what I preach, but again, it’s okay