The Spirit of Mumbai

People from other parts of the country have this belief that Mumbaikars have a lot of attitude in them and don’t give a damn about other people. You know what? Try visiting Mumbai on a day like today, when almost the whole city is submerged under water. Offices have asked the employees to go home, schools and colleges have been shut down, basically, the hustle and bustle life of Mumbai has come to a standstill. The roads are flooded, the cars are stuck in them, the lifeline of Mumbai has been shut down, and people have come out on the roads to safely reach home. Read More


Eat Any Time Snack Bars

Hey, you guys!

So earlier this week I received an amazing package comprising of Healthy Snack Bars from Eat Any Time. Now, healthy snack bars are just bars that you can munch on after working out, or while commuting, or in case you missed a meal. As the main intention of such bars is to fill you up when you are hungry so that you don’t binge on any junk food. These are healthy, tasty as well as filling. Read More

How to clean your Laptop

Hey, you guys!

Ever since I bought my own MacBook Air last year, I am a little extra-cautious about everything related to it. And when it comes to cleaning it, I did my complete research even before touching my baby with a cloth (paranoid, much?), which I’ll be sharing with you right now.

Here is a list of Do’s and Don’t’s for cleaning your MacBook/Laptop in the easiest and proper way:

  1. Ensure that you use a micro fibre cloth or a lint-free cloth to clean your laptop, especially the screen, as it will neither scratch it nor leave any debris over it.
  2. Unplug and switch off your laptop and don’t just put it on sleep mode. This is important, otherwise, you can permanently damage your gadget. 
  3. Don’t use a paper towel, paper, toilet paper, or even an old cloth to clean your device. 
  4. Gently wipe the screen in circular motion, as this will be enough to lift off any loose dust particles. 
  5. Never scrub your screen as it can damage the pixels. 
  6. You can clean the frame/body of your laptop with any mild cleaning detergent diluted with water or you can simply use a damp cloth, just ensure you don’t reach any closer to the screen while doing this. 
  7. Never directly wet your device as this can damage it. Always damp the cloth first and then clean your laptop. 
  8. Don’t use any regular detergent for the screen, use only LCD Screen solutions, if required. 
  9. You can use a soft bristle toothbrush to get the insides of the keyboard. Don’t use any liquid here. 
  10. Avoid touching your laptop screen while pointing out, as this can leave fingerprint marks all over your screen which are generally very annoying to remove.

Voila! I hope these points help you and you have a clean gadget!

What are your cleaning tips?