Simply Pretty by Avon | Review & Look

Hey, you guys!

Avon has launched their new range of products called Simply Pretty and I am in love with this range. It looks super cute and is also very easy to use. No complicated makeup products, just the basics that you can start off with and have plenty of fun with it. The Simply Pretty range is affordable, easy to use and quite handy. So if you want to carry it along while traveling then you can totally depend on it. You can also easily carry it around in your handbag. I also have a Neon Pink Pouch of Avon, that is also very spacious as it fits all my products just right. Read More


Hello December!

Hey, you guys!

Last month, last chance to change your year, last step, last chapter. You still have 30 days in your hands to transform or at least bring about a slight change in whatever you want to do. It’s never too late for anything. I am truly happy about my November, I had so many new opportunities coming my way, and I am so glad that I walked straight into it and didn’t close my doors on them. That’s one thing that I have learned, that no matter what, every now and then some door will open up for you, just be patient and smart enough to recognize even that small gap of light shining through the little cracks of this door. Read More

Embrace yourself..!

Since quite some time now, I was really trying hard to stay away from all the negativity and embrace my true self by finding myself. People around me, be it friends or people associated with me, just affected me negatively and demotivated me. Sure, it did pull me down, but then I thought, do I really need this in my life? Should I actually give such an important and huge power of positivity and motivation to mere strangers? No. These two beautiful powers lie just with me. I know I am a positive person, I know I am more than what you know, I know I am different because I am me. No one else can be me. If even I start running in the race of being someone else or be like someone else, then even if I win, I will lose myself in that race. Read More

Heavenly Greek Yogurt – Epigamia

Ever since I have started the Master’s Course in Yoga, I have been trying to eat healthily and follow a healthy lifestyle in general. Because I have learned a lot about: ‘You are what you eat.’ It was indeed a perfect time to try some healthy Greek Yogurt. Instead of eating any other yogurt, I wanted to make sure that I am eating something healthy. In many supermarkets, I have come across this one brand that is apparently ruling the market, and what could be a better brand than the one that is being loved and preferred by all? Epigamia is India’s first all-natural Greek Yogurt, that is high in protein and low in fats. I was quite impressed with the nutritional value of the product. Let’s get into the review of it now: Read More

Hello November

Hey, you guys!

October for me was amazing because of all the festival vibe that it carried. I love Diwali and how everything just looks and feels beautiful. Because of such festivals and ‘God Bless the Long Weekends’ everyone from my family was at home, also my friends were back in town and finally met, though just a few of us, but it was still good. But being a Blogger and an Instagram Influencer, there is no week offs and holidays for us. I am not cribbing/complaining because I love each and every aspect of my work. October was a great month, work-wise as well. Read More

Spinz BB Talc Review

I am not a very huge fan of makeup, as I like to keep my face and skin as natural as possible. All I use is a BB cream, but at times not even that, as it is just so time-consuming, especially when I am in a rush. Recently, I received the Spinz BB Talc for reviewing and I am so glad that the team sent me this. The best part about this talc is that it doesn’t use the words like ‘Whitening powder’ or ‘anything with the word – white’. Instead, it says, ‘Brightening and Beauty Talc’. Read More