Tarot-O-Scope 2019

Hey, you guys!

Wish you all a very Happy New Year! To check if your 2018 went according to the Tarot-O-Scope, click here! And only then if you would like to continue to know about your 2019, read on…

Here’s how 2019 is going to be for you, as per your Zodiac Sign:

Aries (March 21 – April 19):
Health: You will be blessed with good health this year! However, keep an eye on your actions. Because what goes around, comes around. Do good to others, and be good. Whatever energy you’ll put out into the Universe this year, will come back to you. Help others, without having any intentions of your own.
Love: When it comes to our love life, listen to your intuition this year. So to strengthen your intuition, try to meditate as much as possible. There can also be certain new beginnings this year. In case of an already existing relationship, don’t fear from finding out more about your partner. There’s always more to the story from what you know.
Money: New beginnings can be a source for more money, this year. But for that, you will have to keep sharpening yourself. Learn more, try to acquire more skill sets and knowledge, to open up this new source of money for yourself. There is also a possibility of starting a new career or a business. So if this has been a part of your plan for some time now, now is the time to turn it into reality.
Work: You’ll expect a lot from the people around you, this year. It will only be through people and through socializing that you will make some good progress this year. So try to mingle around as much as possible.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20):
Health: Put in your efforts to get good health this year, and you will definitely get it. For example, set your mind on getting those abs, work hard, and you’ll get them. Whatever you want, just put in your heart and soul into it, and you shall achieve it, in terms of health.
Love: You might have a few options in front of you this year, and you’ll have to choose what you want to go ahead with. The ball is in your court. You will have the power to make a decision and your head will also support you. However, keep the matters of the heart in a little secretive manner this year. Don’t lay out all your emotions for public display. Be in charge of your love life this year!
Money: Slowly and steadily you will get closer to your goals this year. Don’t rush into money related things this year. It would be better to first know everything about a deal and then step into it. Slow and steady wins the money race this year. You might also spend some money on travel this year.
Work: You will have the world at your feet this year. You will get everything that you have ever dreamt for. Set your goals higher this year, and you shall achieve them. Work hard and the result will be yours. The key is to set goals for yourself! 2019 looks pretty hopeful for you in terms of money and work!

Gemini (May 21 – June 20):
Health: Don’t let others define health for you. If you feel good about yourself, so be it. This year can also mark as a year of transition for you. Live in the moment, don’t dwell on the past. You like to invent things, don’t you? So invent something that will help your health in the future. This could also mean, cultivating good healthy habits, that your future self would be thankful for. For example, quit smoking, or procrastinating your workouts. Don’t hurt others in any way this year. Watch your actions.
Love: Love life may seem a little emotional this year. Let your heart overrule your head this year. Don’t let your analytic mind make decisions for your love life year. Try to set things straight that you might have damaged in the past, or at least be in good terms with everything. Let your caring and loving side come out into the open this year, don’t hold yourself back from showing your emotions.
Money: You might feel like walking away from your responsibilities, but don’t run away. Instead, face the situation as and when it arises. Because sooner or later you will only have to deal with it. So might as well face it before it all piles up. This year might seem challenging but hang in there. You can do it.
Work: Be careful this year. Someone close to you might only deceive you, in terms of work this year. Don’t trust everyone with your whole plan. Someone might even steal your idea, so don’t lay all your cards on the table. Work honestly, but trust no one.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22):
Health: Try to meditate as much as possible this year. Your mental health and well-being is more important this year, try to reflect on your actions every once in a while. This year might bring about an inner transformation. Remove all the negativity from your life and let the overall well-being improve. Let go of everything from the past that was bothering you. Do this for your own good health.
Love: You will have to put in extra efforts in this department this year. However, don’t expect huge rewards in return. You will get the results of your action, but not that much. For example, you will put in 100% and you might receive 60%. So even to get 60% you will be the one who has to put in more efforts.
Money: You will have to make some tough calls this year regarding money. Although the situation might be pretty clear, yet somehow you would be confused about taking any decision. Don’t make any decision by running behind greed. Calm yourself down first, then make a calculated decision. Don’t aim too high.
Work: You might cry over spilled milk this year, instead, try to look out for any good that is still left behind. Avoid putting blame on yourself for any mistake that you haven’t committed. Be careful in whom you put all your trust this year because that person might backstab you. You might face setbacks because of someone else. This year seems to be a  slow year for you but listen to your gut and fine tune yourself.

Leo (July 23 – August 22):
Health: For 2019, you will have to keep working on your health. Instead of setting unrealistic goals for yourself, try to become a better version of yourself only. You are amazing just the way you are, but hey, there is always room for improvement, right?
Love: There will some sort of progress in your love life this year. Just see to it that you maintain a proper balance and then move forward. Set the base right and everything will beautifully build up. If you and your partner have been planning to get a place of your own or upgrade, this would be a great year to do that.
Money: Great growth is indicated this year. Keep hustling and you will get everything that you ever desired. There will be a good and stable flow of income this year. However, your money would be used more for your family and loved ones than splurging it on yourself this year. Keep working hard!
Work: You might face certain setbacks in your work life, but this would be mainly because of other people. Try to ask for help whenever possible. Don’t let your ego come in the way. Get help, thank the person and move on. Otherwise, you will be stuck in bad situations for a long time. Might seem like a tough period at your workplace, but ask for help! Since the money aspect is good, it also indicates that you will overcome this work situation. This year will help you to improve!

Virgo (August 23 – September 22):
Health: Take the utmost care of your health this year. This seems to be a rough period but keep working on your health. Strong willpower is all that you require to sail through this patch.
Love: You might dig a lot around your love life to get to know everything about your partner. But be careful while doing that, because the other person won’t necessarily appreciate it. Don’t let your harsh side come to the surface as it might push your loved ones away.
Money: Some old source of income would come to an end to carve the way for a new source of income. For a certain period, you might face a little money crunch, but remember that good times are just around the corner. There will be some change in the money department this year.
Work: Be careful how you deal with things this year. Don’t make more enemies than you already have at your workplace. Be careful with your words. Try to be good to others. If possible then do your own thing this year, because things just don’t seem to be working in your favor. Overall, try to be very careful in terms of everything in 2019.

Libra (September 23 – October 22):
Health: Every goal that you fix in your head, will come to you ASAP. All you need to do is keep working towards it. Overall you’ll be blessed with good health this year. Just don’t slack away, keep working out and looking after yourself and good health will keep blessing you.
Love: Happy relationships are indicated this year. Don’t trust your loved ones blindly, although they will be very transparent to you on their own. But overall, a happy year in terms of relationship and love is indicated. Now would be a good time to take your relationship to the next level. Enjoy the love life in 2019!
Money: You have gone through a lot to reach the level you are at today. Trust your instincts and money will not give up on you this year. It also looks like a good year to do some investments, as things would work in your favor. Avoid making silly mistakes though. You have good control over monetary aspects this year.
Work: Meditate to strengthen your intuition power this year. It looks like a good year to start something of your own. New beginnings are indicated that would really make a difference to your life. Believe yourself and your abilities and it will open new gates for you. Be passionate and excited for life. Act on the feeling of enthusiasm. Overall, 2019 seems to be a good year for you.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21):
Health: This would be a good year to start your journey towards better health. Find a workout partner, as it would help you to reach your goal and remain motivated. Loved ones can help you to improve your health this year.
Love: Don’t let someone else dictate your life. You might think that is love, but in reality, they are just controlling you. You can’t trust this one person in your life. 2019 seems to be the year in which you would get the reins back your hands. Turn your love life around in 2019.
Money: It’s as if you will be minting money this year. People admire you for the way you are, use this thing to your benefit and just see how it shoots up your money graph. You are very particular when it comes to your money and shopping. And people kind of stick around you for your money, know this fact. So in 2019, work hard but also smartly. You will be blessed with financial abundance.
Work: You will receive a new job opportunity this year. Grab it, because it is going to work in your favor. Don’t let such opportunities slip away from your hands. Keep your eyes and ears open for any new messages regarding a better job. Overall, 2019 seems to be a good year, enjoy the money!

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21):
Health: You will be blessed with good health this year. Some health-related opportunities will also come your way. Grab them as and when it knocks your door. Don’t take your health for granted at any point.
Love: It is time to change the situation you are in. Either which ways, things are going to end. So before life surprises you with endings, get out yourself before it’s too late. This might seem like a low point in your life. But always remember, whatever happens, happens for the best. You have already been through a lot in this department. It is now time to accept it and move on.
Money: The year doesn’t seem to be supporting you when it comes to money. There will be a lot of arguments regarding money this year. Someone you trusted, may also cheat on you regarding this aspect. Beware.
Work: This year would be a great time to introspect. Look at your past mistakes and learn from them. You should be very cautious this year owing to the lessons that you have learned in the past. Not advice given to you would be a good one. Take care of this and just trust your instinct. Let your experience be your biggest teacher and move on.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19):
Health: Know when to be super strict regarding matters of the health this year and when to let loose. Take care of your health, keep working out and eating healthy. But every once in a while take a few trips to unwind and let go of all the health regime. Act according to the situation and your health will be just fine!
Love: You might spend a lot on your loved ones this year. Try to monitor your spendings and don’t go overboard with it. A marriage is indicated in the family. Overall, your house and family will be your priority this year. Enjoy the happiness and love at home!
Money: You might feel caught up with your finances, but try to see the bigger picture, it’s not that bad as you assume it to be. Ask for help if you feel very burdened and you’ll come out of it. Complete the task at hand and move one. Don’t give up. Free up your thoughts regarding this matter as well.
Work: It’s time to let go of the control for now. Be more open to change and new ideas. Don’t force your thought process and work concepts on others. People love you for the work that you do. Be more creative this year. Enjoy your year as you are surrounded by people who love you! Handle the year with love and care.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18):
Health: Don’t panic at the last moment! Keep working on your health, one day at a time and you won’t face any problems. Don’t take your health for granted at any cost, this year! Otherwise, you will make the whole situation very stressful. Don’t create health problems for yourself.
Love: 2019 seems to be blessing you with happiness all around you. You are likely to spend a major part of this year with your family and loved ones. Someone close to you may also move away from you, in terms of geographical distance. Overall, it will be a happy-happy year for you in terms of love! Cheers!
Money: Money will give you lots of occasions to celebrate this year. It could also mean a new job achievement as well. But overall, you’ll be spending your money on celebrating this year! Enjoy!
Work: There will be a good flow of work for you this year! Everything will be in abundance. Just don’t stress over it. If one job would come to an end, another one would appear in front of you right away. Just go with the flow.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20):
Health: Take a lot of care of your health this year. A lot of negativity seems to be around you in 2019. Be careful about it and try to eliminate it out of your life. Health problems may arise due to this unwanted stress and tension. Take care!
Love: Old friendships or loved ones may come back into your life, and for good! Enjoy this year! Something new can also blossom out of these old connections. It also indicates that now would be a good time to reunite with an old love interest and patch things up.
Money: Not everything would be transparent to you this year. Have all your money related deals written down on paper! Legalize all the money matters. Better to be safe than sorry. There might be certain blockages as well, but have patience and you’ll find out the truth. Keep your eyes open for any signs or hints. Someone might cheat you in terms of money as well, beware of that.
Work: Some new message regarding your work will be coming your way this year. It could also be some new contacts. Make good use of these messages and step up. Analyze the situation well and then jump into it, it will benefit you!

Have an amazing 2019!


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