Hello October | Life Update

When life knocks you down, take your time but stand up on your feet. It’s just a small glitch along your journey, it is definitely not the end. No matter what the situation may feel like, it can never be the end, so don’t settle for defeat. Take your time, but bounce right back.

I took time off work and studies, to regain my balance and to centre myself. Sure there are instances where I am still not able to get a hold of things completely and I still feel the slight blows off anxiety hitting me. I am stronger than before, the blows try to knock me off but I don’t lose my balance. I can now take care of situations without any break downs or panic attacks.

I know I have lost a lot of time behind this but hey, it has made me stronger and saved the time that I would have otherwise spent crying almost every other day. Whatever happens in your life, it actually does happen for a reason. Sure, we don’t see the reason immediately, and we end up thinking that every bad thing only happens with us, but we just need to wait and watch for the one moment when everything seems crystal clear and brings us some clarity.

I am hoping October will be a great month for me as I have resumed my work and studies in a much better manner. If you have subscribed to my Youtube channel, you’d know that I am currently working on mental health. So if you are someone who needs help to improve mental health or the well-being in general, then I would highly recommend you to take up my 4-weeks health challenge on Youtube.

Other than that, life has been good with a few ups and downs, but they are just a part of life, right? I have my assignments, study schedule and work lined up till December, which I am really looking forward to. My personal life did take a hit or rather backslash with all the breakdowns, but I am sure it will be okay and whatever happened, happened for the best. So yeah, this was a mini life update for you guys, because ever since I have made the blog public, I have realized that I wasn’t really true to the original identity of why this blog was started off in the first place, which was sharing my thoughts with people across the globe and knowing that I wasn’t the only one going through things. The blog was my happy place because this was one place where I could share things without being judged.

It’s strange how I can easily share my deepest thoughts with random strangers, but I just cannot do it, even with a good friend. This is another thing that I am working on currently. To share and to let my good friends come into my inner circle and not push them away when they try to make their way through. Earlier I used to instantly pull up my guards because it takes a lot for me to open up to someone, and I just won’t be able to bear the pain if they then decide to walk away from me. For me, if someone is in my inner circle, then they are simply in, almost like trapped, they cannot go out then. I have had my share of pain, wherein people came in, but they left. So now I am a little picky and alert. But I am now working on this, and I hope I don’t make the same mistakes again.

What are you working on currently? How do you plan to improve your life?

Have a great month!


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