5 ways to de-stress

With the current lifestyle, we hardly get any time to relax and just be by ourselves. The crazy working hours along with the extra hours that we put into the commute leads to a bad work-life balance. With every passing day, the stress levels are increasing rapidly in every person. Even weekends aren’t enough to unwind and rejuvenate ourselves. What can be a good solution to this problem? We need to address it from the root cause and not just the stressful layer that we can see on the outside. It is important to eradicate or at least address the issue from the base, the mind level.

Here are 5 ways that can help you to de-stress yourself and calm your mind:

  1. Hot showers: Sure, the couch seems very inviting, but try to get off the couch and step into the hot shower. The key here is to simply be, don’t do anything, don’t think anything, just stand there for a minute or two and let the water work its magic on you. The warm water will not only wash away your stress but also relax you completely. It not only relaxes your muscles as the blood supply increase and you get a better supply of oxygen but also clears your mind.
  2. Shavasana: Instead of sleeping, try Shavasana, it works even better if someone is guiding you through it. This yoga practice may seem very relaxing and may appear as if you just have to sleep, but in reality, it is a pose in which you are completely aware of what you are doing. You are awake, lying down like a corpse, yet relaxed. The best practice to relax your mind, body, and breath.
  3. Pick up a hobby: No matter how tired we are, if you love something truly, you always have the time and energy for it. For example, no matter how tired I am, ask me to dance and I can do that because I love it so much. Find out your hobby, it can be a new one or a forgotten one. Indulge yourself in that one hobby and let the creativity unwind you. There are no rules here, just do what makes you happy and relaxed.
  4. Food: Food is therapy. By this, I don’t mean that you binge eat, but treat yourself a complete and relaxing meal. Enjoy a good and healthy meal and see the difference it has on your body. Once there is something in your stomach, the digestive system quickly starts its work and then supplies energy to the body, which in turn de-stresses you.
  5. Write: Writing down exactly what you are feeling is a great way to throw out everything that is stressing you out, out of your body. Write down your feelings, thoughts, how your day has been, what’s bothering you, basically anything that comes to your mind. Write it down, and let your pen throw it out of your mind and system. Try to do this every night before hitting the bed.

What do you do to de-stress yourself?


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