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Hey, you guys!

It is very important to take good care of your skin and hair in this season. My hair usually tends to get super dry and frizzy because of the rains and I hate that! I need to take extra care of them, come what may! I recently came across two amazing products, and I would like to quickly review them for you over here.

Life & Pursuits Soak-In-Goodness:

For my skin, I always need something natural because I have really sensitive skin. And what bothers me the most is when I have to use two different lotions, one for my body and another one for my face. But this one amazing product works for both, and it doesn’t require for me to carry 2 bottles. The Soak-In-Goodness literally soaks up within seconds, without leaving any greasy effect and leaves my skin baby soft. Any lotion that gets absorbed quickly always has my heart. It has a very nice rosy fragrance, which actually makes me want to use it without having to remind myself to use a lotion.

I could actually get lost in the heavenly fragrance of the Soak-In-Goodness lotion. The best part about this lotion is that it is made up of cold-pressed and extra-virgin oils. Not only that but they are also 100% organic in nature and they have therapeutic Ayurvedic herbs and goodness of Aloe Vera in it!

All I do is, after taking a shower, I liberally apply the Soak-In-Goodness lotion all over my body and face. Voila! And it leaves me with hydrated and soft skin.

Quantity: 100 ml
Price: β‚Ή600/-

Life & Pursuits Bounce Back & Shine:

Before I wash my hair, I always need to make sure that I leave in some hair oil at least for an hour. The Bounce Back & Shine hair oil does wonders to my hair! It not only revitalizes the scalp and hair follicles but also promotes thicker and healthier hair! I have been facing a little hair fall issue off lately, but ever since I have started using this hair oil, I can actually see a good difference in my hair quality as well as quantity.

This one product also takes care of all your dandruff issues as it soothes dry scalp and helps to clear it. My hair feels so lively and clean now. I love what cold-pressed and extra-virgin oils do to your hair. And if the fragrance is good, it automatically becomes your favorite hair oil, right?

I also loved the packaging, as it comes in a plastic bottle, so it also makes it easier to take it along with you while traveling.

Quantity: 100ml
Price: β‚Ή600/-

Where to buy it from?:

From their Website or from Amazon: Body lotion, Hair oil.

Have you tried them yet?


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