Hello June | Tarot-O-Scope

Hey, you guys!

After a lot of requests, I have finally decided to come up with monthly Tarot Card Readings! So without wasting much time, straight away jump on to your Zodiac Sign, to know how the month of June 2018 is going to be for you.

Aries (March 21 – April 19):
Health: Matters of health will be great this month. If you might have been under stress or emotional imbalance off lately, then this month everything will work out just fine for you. Don’t overburden yourself with anything.
Love: Now is the time to go ahead and convey your feelings to that someone special. Don’t hold yourself back this month. Take the reins in your hands and go for it.
Money: Looks like all your wishes are coming true this month! Just don’t try to have things before its time. Money is flowing into your life. Enjoy!
Work: Put in the hard work that is required from your end, and you will definitely reap the benefits. If you were planning to take up something new, June would be a great time to pick it up and excel in it. Your reward depends on your hard work.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20):
Health: You are in charge of your own health, this month. You have the willpower to go one step ahead too. Keep learning new ways to improve your health. Dedicate this month to your health and shine through!
Love: You feel that you love life is stuck for no reason. But that is actually because you want to weigh all your pros and cons before taking the next step. In reality, it is your this analytical nature that things are feeling stagnant. A new, flirty relationship is also indicated.
Money: This month is a month of confusion for you, be it love wise or money wise. You are just too analytical. Most of the times you will be confused for no reason. And in any such situation, always go for something that is of your level, and don’t step down just because it looks easy.
Work: New job opportunities are coming your way. If you have your own business, then you’ll start making good money out of it. Be satisfied with all the new and good work coming your way.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20):
Health: You need to keep working on your health this month. You might think that you have reached your goal or you are good with your diet, exercise or health, but there is always room for improvement. Keep working on yourself.
Love: Take steps to improve your relationships or start a relationship. A complete change is indicated in your love life, that is moving towards something good. Along with this travel is also indicated. So maybe, you may find someone while traveling.
Money: Any financial risks that you take this month, will turn out to work in your favor. Take the leap of faith if you have to, all your calculations will pay off. Luck is by your side, be spontaneous with your decisions.
Work: Follow your gut feeling. Try traveling this month, to reconnect with yourself and get all your questions answered. If you feel like doing something, then do it, just follow your instinct.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22):
Health: Take care of your health, don’t take it for granted. If something doesn’t feel good, then let it go. Don’t let situations stress you out. Let it go and take good care of yourself, mainly emotionally and mentally.
Love: Someone from the past may show up out of nowhere. But it would be a very happy blast from the past. It’s probably also time to reconnect with your old loved ones.
Money: You will have to slog a lot to get the reward that you desire. Take some time out to prioritize your work and don’t overburden yourself. Otherwise, it would just be self-created stress.
Work: Be around people as much as you can and celebrate small accomplishments with your loved ones. Also, there is a slight possibility of an emerging love interest at the work front.

Leo (July 23 – August 22):
Health: Take serious care of your health this month, Leo! Just don’t give up and keep fighting. Some major health issues are indicated, but only a strong willpower will help you to overcome it. Take care.
Love: Don’t trust anyone easily. Love affairs may seem good, but be careful as someone might take advantage of your innocence.
Money: All your hard work will pay off. It’s time to leave all your financial troubles behind and welcome the luck and prosperity with open arms. Just believe in yourself and shine while the spotlight is on you.
Work: There is an opportunity right in front of you, all you have to do is recognize it. This month will keep surprising you with great opportunities.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22):
Health: This is a month of ups and downs in terms of health, but you will be able to be in charge of the changes. Don’t take your health for granted, but at the same time don’t take it too seriously as well. Find a balance and enjoy.
Love: Don’t make a situation stressful for yourself as it might end up affecting your health. All issues of the heart will be self-created this month, try to avoid that.
Money: Try to indulge in healthy competitions as it will only help you to grow and improve yourself, which in turn will prove beneficial from the financial point of view.
Work: At the work front, you will have to give up on something to achieve something better, probably something that is against your ethics. But you will get lots of happiness and success.

Libra (September 23 – October 22):
Health: June seems to be a good month for you. Keep looking after your health, be in control and nothing shall bother you. You have everything covered.
Love: A new relationship is indicated. New and deeper feelings for someone are developing. You won’t be stable in one relationship, but if the need arises, you will be able to move on easily. Just keep looking for that new hand that is extending towards you.
Money: You might go out of your way to help a friend monetarily. Think twice before spending money unnecessarily. Money can flow into your life only on the basis of your actions.
Work: Something is just not meant for you. Try to re-examine your work life choices. This will be a tough month in terms of work. Don’t let it affect your sleep though, keep hustling through the dark phase.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21):
Health: This month is all about taking care of yourself, mentally. Don’t let stress caused by external factors, especially from a boss or workplace get to you too much. Try to indulge in meditation to remain stress-free and emotionally stable. Control your anger.
Love: You might get a little caught up in unnecessary issues, but you have the strength to rise above that. Its high time that you faced the reality and took control of your life. You can conquer everything!
Money: Keep a note of your finances this month. Don’t overindulge. A new job opportunity or promotion is around the corner, however, you will have to take charge for that, you cannot depend on others to get it for you.
Work: You might feel like walking away from all the problems and work, but that’s not how it works. Because sooner or later you will have to face the situation. Take care of all the issues at work as and when they arise.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21):
Health: Seems like a great month for you! You are blessed with great health this month!
Love: Again, a happy family and love card for you! Try to spend time with your loved ones and make the most of the time in hand. However, you might feel as if someone is away from you, but don’t let that stop you from having fun with the people present around you.
Money: A celebration is around the corner. If you were planning to buy something buy, this month would be a great time to go ahead with that idea. Money is also in your favor.
Work: A promotion or growth is also indicated on the work front. But this growth will be through other people, and not based on your hard work. But you have the tactics to get things done your way. Use all the amazing communication skills this month and know when and how to act.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19):
Health: You will only get good health if you work for it. As you sow, so shall you reap.
Love: A sudden flow of money is indicated in your life. Apart from using the money well, don’t forget to indulge and spend a lavish time with your loved ones as well.
Money: You will know when to spend and when to save. You will also be a little generous with all the money this month. Try dealing with masses as much as you can to generate more money.
Work: A new work opportunity is waiting for you, somewhere along the lines of spirituality. Grab the opportunity as soon as it shows up. It is one of the best cards, make use of it. If an idea inspires you, act on it.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18):
Health: Be careful as you might be criticised a lot this month. Don’t let anyone hurt you with their words or break your heart. Keep your emotions together.
Love: Try to be clear while communicating with loved ones. If there are any issues from the past that is straining your relationships, then it is about time that you let them go and only be in the present. Trust your instincts.
Money: A partnership is beneficial for you at this moment. It can help you to open the gates for money this month.
Work: You will only get work-related success because of the support from your team or partner. You can’t do things on your own this month. At no given point should you flaunt your success on your own, because you couldn’t have done it without your team!

Pisces (February 19 – March 20):
Health: Don’t be too stubborn. Listen to people, take their advice and keep your health in check. Otherwise, no health issues, enjoy your month!
Love: There are probably too many options in front of you and you just don’t know what and whom to choose. But you need to prioritize and make a choice. Either which ways, it will work out for you.
Money: If you were considering managing two sources of income, then now would be a good time to do that. You will be able to manage two things and you will be good at them. Take up that extra part-time job if you want.
Work: You might be a little over-cautious this month, because of certain bad past experiences, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Don’t take advice from others, instead follow your inner guide and you will be fine. Meditate to get some clarity.

Have an amazing month!


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