Hello May

Hey, you guys!

Instead of saying, ‘Hello May’ I should actually say, ‘Hello, Birthday Month!’

I am super duper excited for my birthday, and that’s not even something new, I do this every year! How I love birthdays! Anyway, this month is going to be all about work and improving things on the work front.

Off lately, I have been over-thinking almost everything in life, and when I sit back to think of a solution, the only thought that first comes to my mind is that I am not the over-thinking kind. Being instinctive and following my heart has always worked the best for me. Why did I stop doing that? Its high time I went back to being the old me.

I have tried so many things in life, on different fronts, I have succeeded at some and I have failed at some. But I am happy and proud of them all. I have absolutely no regrets because I have learned something out of everything. They are my mistakes and I am glad I made those mistakes, otherwise, I would’ve never improved as a person. Every little thing has helped me to shape what I am today. And I am so grateful for that!

I started blogging and Instagramming because I liked it, but ever since it took a work-turn, I kind of think that amidst all the chaos, I got lost somewhere. It’s time to shake off this layer and go back to being the old me that even I loved a lot. It’s time to write what I actually want to write, to upload pictures on Instagram on what I actually am, to do things from my heart and not by over-thinking everything. It’s basically time to go back to being Me.

I will be turning 24 on the 5th of May and this year instead of buying something snazzy, I would like to gift myself the old me. Happy Birthday, to me! 🙂

Discover yourself this month!


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