Hello April – A peek into my life

Hey, you guys!

Before beginning the blog post, I just want to take a moment and do the happy dance, because just one month to go for my birthday! (eep eep)

I love birthdays! I don’t get people who dislike them for no particular reason at all. A day to get all the love and attention, for people to pamper you and treat you like a princess/most important person in the room. How can anyone not like this? But anyway, to each his own. What makes it more special is when you just get a random call or message from that one long lost friend and how it makes you feel when someone takes out the time from their busy schedule to make you happy! I just love the birthday vibes. Be it mine or anyone else’s birthday, I am always super excited.

People generally don’t give out their age easily, but it’s not that way for me. I believe, with each passing year you get to learn so much and you also get the chance to explore different areas of life. You just grow old, to be wiser and a better version of yourself.

I think it’s after quite a long time that I am writing a blog post which is not related to a beauty product, yoga or outfits, but it’s something that I am just thinking about at this present moment. After all 4 AM knows all my secrets. I have the deepest and open conversations without any hint of layers at this hour. In fact, I started blogging because of this very reason. I used to lay in bed, with all these crazy thoughts in my head and one fine day I just decided to start a blog. I was surprised by how many people from all across the world could relate to my thoughts. At 4 AM, I got the assurance from random strangers over the internet that I am not the only one who feels a certain way about things.

My blog will always remain close to my heart. I have tried different things in life and I have tried to reflect that on my blog as well. Some worked, some didn’t. But amidst this whole process, I think I found my center and that’s another way my blog has helped me, to find my center. It was in my experimental phase when friends and family got to know about my blog, as I hadn’t publicised it anywhere. I wasn’t sure about “what people would think”, and I was happy with my family of strangers all over the world. Sure, I was made fun of, I was judged by my friends, it did affect me eventually, but I came to realize that things change, situations change. The people who made fun of me or my work later started appreciating it. Now that I look back at the experimental phase, even I would agree that how naive I was, but hey, I tried, I experimented. Sure I failed at it but that’s my learning.

Now that I have an Instagram presence, and that I have started ‘experimenting’ with Youtube, my first love is still going to be my blog. It’s this one place where there is no adulteration, no bad vibes and it’s my baby, and I love it with all my heart. Brands approach me to write good stuff about their product, but that’s not going to happen on my blog, even if you pay me tons of money. If I like it, I will write it. There won’t be any fake or made up story on my blog, and I am pretty adamant about it.

Anyway, coming back to 4 AM, I know it’s not the ideal time to stay up, but this hour just brings the best out of me. Be it conversations, secrets, creativity, or anything, it just makes me very calm and happy. It’s the hour that makes me put all my shields down. It takes me a long time to open up to someone. And I know this for a fact, that if someone really wants to be close to you, they will stay up that late only to see this version of you and know more about you. People have tried doing that for me, but only a few could actually do it. You can say that you know me only when you have seen me at 4 AM.

I am sorry if this post meant nothing to you, but I just had to write this down at this hour, for old times sake and to keep the essence of Assorted Cognition alive.

Have a great month!


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