Hello March

Hey, you guys!

Hope you guys had a great month! Mine was very long and hectic, as I had my assignments due. But now that that is over, I can finally get back to work. Over the time, I have realized that these are nothing but excuses. Excuses to not work hard enough, excuses to slack off, and finding another excuse to cover up this excuse.

There are no shortcuts to success. Hard work, dedication, and consistency are required to transform your life, from average to excellence. Along the way, people will laugh at you, doubt you, question you, but what matters is that you know your goal and plan of action. Don’t let people get to you, walk towards your goal, probably take even an extra mile so that you don’t hear people pulling you down. Clap for yourself when no one is doing that for you.

Walk away from people who make you prove your worth to them. You don’t need to prove yourself to anyone, no one has that power to evaluate you or judge you on your progress. Only you know your journey, prove it to yourself and not others. Things may start to become pretty messed up if you get lost in the sea of ‘People’. You do your thing and keep walking forward, and soon it won’t even matter.

Learn to be happy, with your progress, with your failure, with your mistakes and your journey as a whole. Give a damn about your own happiness before you start pleasing people. A happy mind is a productive mind.

Make sure you follow me on YouTube, for such motivating videos!

Have an amazing month and make the most of it!


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