Take it easy..!

Every once in a while, we end up contemplating about things in life.

Whether I should do it or not?
Is this the right thing for me or not?
What will people think of me?

And the list never ends! Why does it happen that we give so much of our time and energy into thinking what others will think and not what we actually want to do?

Let me just tell you, that this is very common and it happens to everybody. But do you know why you are still you and someone else got more successful than you? It’s because they did it any which way!

Don’t fall into the trap of dualities or contemplation, just do what your instinct or heart tells you to do and things will turn out to be just fine. We miss out on the opportunities that we don’t take or get too busy planning about it. At times, it’s best to just go with the flow and let the situation take its own course. Life isn’t that difficult or complicated as we assume it to be. Just take in one day, one moment at a time and see how life unwinds for you and becomes so simple.

You are the master of the sea, sail as and when you want. Follow your heart and do whatever you want to do, provided you are not hurting anyone with it.

Also, I am now on YouTube, where you’ll find videos mostly on such topics only, so if this interests you, follow me there too 🙂

Follow your heart!


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