Drugstore Shampoos and Deo Review

This is probably the last review of the year 2017, and I am kind of excited to share my views about these products. I have been using these for 2 months now and I wanted to make sure that my reviews were completely honest, as these are drugstore brands and I am pretty sure my review would influence the readers buying decisions so I just wanted to make sure that I was well versed with the products.

I had received these products 2 months ago, and I have already done one detailed review of the Spinz BB Talc on the blog, you can read it here. Let me just take you through the other products.

Nyle Shampoo:

I use the Nyle Volume Enhancer Shampoo, which contains natural extracts and it is Paraben free. It claims to make your hair voluminous and bouncy, which it certainly does. It also contains Amla, Lavender, Blackberry, and Reetha. I like the curvy packaging of the bottle, as it makes the grip quite easier.
I was having major hair issues for a couple of months, but ever since I started using the Nyle Volume Enhancer Shampoo, I must say that it has given me unexpected results. I mean, I switched to this shampoo from a high-end brand. I had underestimated this shampoo.
Will I buy it again? Without a doubt!
It also has this sweet fragrance that lingers in your hair, all day long! I absolutely loved this shampoo.
Quantity: 180ml
Price: ₹95/-

Chik Egg White Shampoo:

The Chik Egg White Shampoo is the hair-fall prevent shampoo that gives thick and healthy hair. The main ingredient that it contains is the goodness of Egg White Protein. I didn’t really experience less hair-fall with this shampoo. The packaging is quite cute as the bottle is that in the shape of an egg, which is creative, I think. However, the packaging limits the usage as it gets difficult to squeeze the bottle. The fragrance is also pleasant and won’t make you stink like eggs.
Quantity: 80ml
Price: ₹47/-

Spinz Perfumed Deo:

I think I used to use this when I had just started discovering about deodorants. This one has been in-the-market since then, and I am really to review this deodorant. I am currently using the ‘Exotic’ one and it has a very floral, garden-y fragrance to it. The base tones that would linger behind are very woody and creamy. I personally like this deodorant because it is priced appropriately, has an amazing fragrance, has a nice linger fragrance as well and to top it all off, it lasts pretty long, up to 7-8 hours.
Quantity: 150ml
Price: ₹190/-

Have you used any of these products?


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