Embrace yourself..!

Since quite some time now, I was really trying hard to stay away from all the negativity and embrace my true self by finding myself. People around me, be it friends or people associated with me, just affected me negatively and demotivated me. Sure, it did pull me down, but then I thought, do I really need this in my life? Should I actually give such an important and huge power of positivity and motivation to mere strangers? No. These two beautiful powers lie just with me. I know I am a positive person, I know I am more than what you know, I know I am different because I am me. No one else can be me. If even I start running in the race of being someone else or be like someone else, then even if I win, I will lose myself in that race.

It is high time that people start accepting and loving themselves first. Make yourself your topmost priority and look how events turn out for you. Be grateful for everything that you have, celebrate each day of self-love, smile a little more, be happy a little extra, radiate positivity by your mere presence, and let your magic cast spell over everyone, starting from you.

It is better to try that one stupid idea than regretting it for the rest of your life. Think of it this way, if your idea works, then, congratulations for trusting yourself and transforming your life. And if your idea doesn’t work, then, it is better to fail and learn than to regret the ‘what-ifs’

You can be anything that you want to be, beautiful, silly, confident, winner, failure, positive, be anything, but be you. Try and explore, and do whatever you want to do, just don’t be affected by others or don’t fall into the trap of ‘What will people think’, it’s your life, live it the way you want to. Spread happiness and touch peoples lives, try to help others, and leave a positive impact on everyone that you cross paths with because that’s you, let this define you, and not the negativity or cowardliness. Embrace yourself, with all your flaws and imperfections, because that’s what makes you, YOU. It’s your life, make it or break it.

Outfit Details:

Top: Lee Cooper
Jeans: Only
Shoes: Zara

Be you, love you!


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