Heavenly Greek Yogurt – Epigamia

Ever since I have started the Master’s Course in Yoga, I have been trying to eat healthily and follow a healthy lifestyle in general. Because I have learned a lot about: ‘You are what you eat.’ It was indeed a perfect time to try some healthy Greek Yogurt. Instead of eating any other yogurt, I wanted to make sure that I am eating something healthy. In many supermarkets, I have come across this one brand that is apparently ruling the market, and what could be a better brand than the one that is being loved and preferred by all? Epigamia is India’s first all-natural Greek Yogurt, that is high in protein and low in fats. I was quite impressed with the nutritional value of the product. Let’s get into the review of it now:

It comes in these small cups, wherein you just have to tear open the packaging on top and have your yummy yogurt. The cups are cute as they are quite colorful and graphically pleasing, that ways. Special points for the quirky and fun description of the product.

There are many flavors available in the market, so whichever suits your taste buds, you can go for that one. However, I would suggest that you try all of them at least once, they are worth it. There are flavors like Natural Greek Yogurt, Alphonso Mango, Vanilla Bean, Green Apple, Strawberry, Blueberry, Wild Raspberry and Honey Banana. Initially, I was a bit hesitant to try out Green Apple one, but Thank God I tried it out because I absolutely loved it. However, my favorite was the Strawberry Flavor.

Taste and Consistency:
The consistency was exactly how it should be. It was thick and fluffy just the perfect amount. The taste was neither too sweet not too bland. You can definitely taste the different flavors in each of the Yogurts, that’s the reason why I suggest you try all the Epigamia flavors at least once, before picking out your favorite flavor. The thick and creamy textured Epigamia Yogurt is low in fat and high in protein. And the best part is that they use only natural ingredients and no preservatives. What is the difference between normal Dahi and Epigamia Yogurt, you ask? Well, the Epigamia Greek Yogurt has double the amount of protein. You can either have it as it is or you can use it an ingredient in any of your delicious recipes.

The quantity is enough to fill you up in a healthy manner. You can have one cup of the Epigamia Yogurt before hitting the gym, or even if you are running late. One cup is enough to keep you filled up. And a cup of Yogurt is any day better than hogging on some junk food while on the go.

Definitely try it out once and I am sure that you will love it.
Will I buy it again?

You can also check out some amazing recipes on their Website!

Have you tried the Epigamia Greek Yogurt? Which is your favorite flavor?


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