Hello November

Hey, you guys!

October for me was amazing because of all the festival vibe that it carried. I love Diwali and how everything just looks and feels beautiful. Because of such festivals and ‘God Bless the Long Weekends’ everyone from my family was at home, also my friends were back in town and finally met, though just a few of us, but it was still good. But being a Blogger and an Instagram Influencer, there is no week offs and holidays for us. I am not cribbing/complaining because I love each and every aspect of my work. October was a great month, work-wise as well.

My November is completely packed already, with the Yoga exam, shoots (check out my Instagram to stay updated), blog, collaborations and a little bit of personal life. I love when I am packed with work, and when I have things lined up. But I am really looking forward to this power-packed month.

Try to challenge yourself time and again and get out of your comfort zone. Do somethings frequently that help you step out of that comfort zone of yours. If you’re too comfortable in anything, you definitely know it’s time to move on. But when you are a little terrified of what’s going to happen, you know you are on the right track. Think about it, and try stepping out of the comfort zone. I know I am going to try doing that and I have already started doing that. There is no point holding yourself back, especially if it’s because of the thought of ‘What will people think? How are they going to judge me? And what not!”

Live the way you want to live your life. If you like something, keep doing it, if you don’t like something, don’t even think twice and step away!

PS: the Monthly challenge of October of Shirshasana? *Check*
I still need to practice it more, but I am happy with the progress.

This month’s challenge: Paschimottanasana (forward bending asana)

How was your October? And what are your plans for November?


3 thoughts on “Hello November

  1. Hi! Juhi. Ii is very late to tell you about my November plans but I can tell you about my December as it is said Better to be late than never.
    In December my cousin Sajal is going to get married. So, this whole month will be spent in picking up the shopping bags & wedding festivities. Out of these things I’ll take out the time for my passion- my writing.
    Have a good winter!

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