Spinz BB Talc Review

I am not a very huge fan of makeup, as I like to keep my face and skin as natural as possible. All I use is a BB cream, but at times not even that, as it is just so time-consuming, especially when I am in a rush. Recently, I received the Spinz BB Talc for reviewing and I am so glad that the team sent me this. The best part about this talc is that it doesn’t use the words like ‘Whitening powder’ or ‘anything with the word – white’. Instead, it says, ‘Brightening and Beauty Talc’.

The packaging is quite simple and basic, with a cap that needs to be rotated left or right to open or close. It comes in a curvy bottle and it is very compact in size, so you can easily put it in your purse to carry it around and it won’t even spill.

It is very easy. All you need to do is take some Spinz BB Talc onto your palm and apply it all over your face and neck. Since it comes in a cream-isn shade, I feel it can match every skin tone. Gently apply it all over and make sure that you blend it all in.

What it does:
The Spinz BB Talc gives you a glow almost instantly and also gives you that clear and even tone skin that we get by using ’n’ number of products on our face. Well, this is quick and easier. It covers all the light spots and blemishes. And it works just like a basic BB cream, the only difference is that it comes in a loose powder form. You don’t even need to use a compact when you have the Spinz BB Talc. It also absorbs all the excess oil and gives you a fresh look.

I think it is definitely worth a try and I am sure you’ll end up loving the product because it saves so much of your time and gives you the same result.

50 g


Where to buy:
Any local drugstore or supermarket

Have you used a BB Talc before?


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