Good Vibes Only..!

We live in an age and time where Social Media is overpowering our lives. Aren’t mobile phones the first thing that we check in the morning? This constant checking and being in touch with everyone through a social media platform is becoming more like an addiction. And what is the first thing that we check on our phones? Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat and what more? But what do we get out of this amazing and huge arena? Good vibes or stress in terms of pressure? At times, the pressure gets on to us, ‘I haven’t posted anything in a long time. I need to do it now!

The job that I have, of blogging and being an Instagram Influencer, constantly deals with me being on Social Media and let me tell you honestly that the pressure can sometimes get a little taxing. It can really hit you when you receive bad comments or messages to keep posting more and what not. Come to think of it, what do people get out of commenting negatively? There is a very fine line between constructive criticism and plain bad hurtful comments. I am kind of lucky that I don’t get much of the latter, but what about those who get such comments on a daily basis?

My point is, I don’t wish bad for such commenters, instead they have all my empathy, that their lives are so messed up that they feel like pulling everyone down along with me. Instead of blocking such people, try asking your friends and followers to send them good and positive vibes/messages. If not now then at least someday they will realize what they are doing is not correct. In a world, where already everyone is so stressed out, why do you want to be the reason to add on to more stress and problems, when you can be a pacifier instead?

Spread Good Vibes, the world needs it.

Today being World Mental Health Day, is a perfect day to send out this message. Every day, try making at least one person smile or make them feel good about themselves. Empty your cup off all the negativity and stress, and fill it with love, goodness, and positivity. Remember, you can fill a cup only if it is empty. Also, your cup will spill only what it holds inside. So what do you want your cup to spill off, negativity or good vibes? You decide.

The world has enough issues, be the one to Spread all the Good Vibes!


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