Hello October

Hey, you guys!

September was a such a great month for me, I hope you had a great month too! 3 months to go for the year to end, time to pull up your socks and accomplish the goals you had planned for this year! You can do it! It is never too late to get your act together, you just need to realize that and start working on it, and watch everything fall into place right in front of your eyes.

Every month from now on, I am going to challenge myself, it can be anything! So my this months challenge is to wake up with a smile every single day. ( Not in a creepy way though! )

Every day is a new beginning, smile every day and start your day. Try doing this, and I assure you that just this simple act can transform your day. You attract what you think and do, so here’s your cheat code to attract happiness and goodness in your life. The best part is that only you have the key to this door and that key is – to smile!

Every morning brings to you a new opportunity to become a happier version of yourself. Be smart enough to grab this opportunity and let goodness flow into your life!

PS: Another personal challenge for this month is to nail Shirshasana!

How was your September and what is your monthly challenge?


6 thoughts on “Hello October

  1. I think your challenge to wake up with a smile every day is a brilliant one! In fact, I like it so much I am going to give it a go too. I can’t think of a better one! It’s actually been proven that smiling into a mirror for a few minutes every day increases self-confidence, personal happiness and can even vanish depression!

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