Be Good..!

Every person that you meet in your day to day life is going through something or the other in their personal/professional/emotional/social life. You can just judge a book by its cover, but it is only when you flip through the pages, that you understand there is so much more to a book than its mere cover.

Others can definitely be rude to you, understand them, they might just be removing their other frustrations on you. People can take you for granted, understand them, they must have gone through a similar situation themselves. They can treat you badly, understand them, they just want to break you because they are broken from inside. People can talk crap about you behind your back, understand them, all they need is sympathy for being so shallow, probably that’s their way of making new friends.

A person may be laughing on the outside, but you never know what he is going through on the inside. You can do your part and just be good with that person so that even a small conversation with you can make a big difference for them.

Point being, everyone that you meet, is fighting their own battle, which you aren’t aware of. You just know the face value and not the real value. What do you do in such a situation? Simple, be good to everyone, for no reason. Just be good to them and don’t let any negative vibes get to you. In fact, build you positive vibes so much that it should hit them hard. The World has enough hate and negative vibes already, be the one to spread positivity. If that is a lot of task for you, then simply be. Be the way you are, or just be in your zone. You won’t get anything by hurting people, ridiculing them, giving back to their gossips, being answerable to them if they are talking behind your back or even by putting them down. But you can definitely get lots of things by being good, the most important one being, good vibes.

You attract the vibe that you give out. I am sure you must have experienced this, that sometimes you just feel good to be in the company of a person. This happens only because of their good vibes. Try sitting with a person who gossips or bad mouths a lot, sure you will be entertained for a little while, but after some time you just can’t take it. Whereas, good and warm conversations or vibes can take up hours of your time but still feel like a few minutes. Am I right, or am I right?

Just be good to people, for no reason. You will be happier that way.

Spread good vibes!


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