Airport Diairies

If you know me well enough, you would probably know how crazy I am for airports! I certainly dislike airplanes and flying (just another fear) but airports have a special place in my heart.

Usually, people prefer not to waste time on the airport and directly reach on time to board, but I am slightly different from these people. I like to reach airports earlier so that I can just be there. I like sitting in the lounge and doing my thing.

There is this thing about airports that I love, the thing called love. The love and affection that you can see on everyone’s face is just heart warming. Be it at the departures or arrivals, there is just so much love all around. The nervousness, anxiousness or simply the tears when someone close to you is bidding goodbyes at the airport. And then there is a whole another level of excitement when they come running towards you with tears in their eyes at the arrivals. So many stories, all around you, at just one place.

Sitting in the lounge, I like reading a nice book and then I just look around me and zone out. I zone out into people. People I don’t know off, strangers, yet friendly. Everyone is busy killing time, doing their own thing. There are all sorts of people around you, families, friends, kids, oldies, solo travelers, people on business, people on vacation, people in pain, people who have lost a near one, people traveling for all sorts of reasons and purpose. And then there’s me, just being a witness to everything happening around me, watching the planes take off and land, just being me.

It was just yesterday when I had taken a flight back home, and I went to the washroom on landing. It was there when I met this young lady, who was crying in the washroom. At first, I hesitated, thinking that I might invade her privacy. But then, I went ahead and asked her if she was okay or if she needed anything. I sensed a little hesitation from her side too, but then she said that this was her first trip without her husband and she was just nervous about it. We spoke for just 2 minutes but she sure did leave the washroom with a smile on her face. I think at times, you just need to approach people, they have a lot to share, all you need to do is initiate the conversation.

Do you have any airport stories to share? Leave them in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Airport Diairies

  1. Love this post, because I can completely identify with what you are talking about. I also cherish my time at airports. Airports are hellos and goodbyes, safe trip and welcome home, love and heartbreak. And people are different when they are there… they seem more open, fellow travelers willing to sit down and talk to you, two strangers sharing intimate moments. Airports really are magical places!

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