The BookTube Project | My experience

Earlier in the month of August, I stumbled across this different and unique initiative on Instagram, which really caught my attention. Being an avid book reader in today’s time and age is a little uncommon. Why you ask? Because,

  1. Everything has moved on to e-versions, but yet I somehow love the feel of a hard copy in my hands.
  2. With the fast paced life, it gets difficult to take the time out and visit the library/bookstore.
  3. What after you are done reading the book? Will it occupy more space in your house or are you going to discard it after spending money on it?

I found a solution to all the three above mentioned issues! The BookTube Project was the silver lining to my dark cloud. It’s basically an initiative in the literature space in Mumbai. Sort of an e-library, whose main intention is to spread the love for literature. But what’s unique about them is that though they are an e-library, they deliver the book right up to your doorstep on the same day or by the next day at the most. So you can select your book from the e-library and get your hands on the hard copy without taking any efforts at all, what more do you want? And once you are done reading your book, they’ll even collect it from your house. So there’s absolutely no question of what to do with the book then.

You can select from a variety of genres, like Fiction, Action, Romance, Mystery and you name it! You can get all this and that too at just nominal charges. They also have monthly/quarterly/half yearly/annually membership options available for you.

So it’s been a good one month for me, wherein I have already read two books from The BookTube Project. And my experience was exactly how the introduction sounds to be, easy and hassle-free. This isn’t a sponsored post, but I really felt like giving a huge shout out to these guys for starting a such a nice initiative in a city like Mumbai. I was really happy when I stumbled across their Instagram profile. It really touches my heart when I see people reading hard copy books in today’s time and age. I think we need to keep that tradition alive. Sure the technology might have an upper hand at this, but it doesn’t have the feel and smell of a new or even an old book.

If you are a Mumbaikar and want to check out The BookTube Project, or otherwise also if you want to check them out, you can check out their Instagram.

What do you think about this initiative?

Keep Reading and Spreading the love for Books!


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