5 ways to be more productive

We all have those days wherein in spite of working right from morning till night, we are still left with a bunch of things that have not been taken care of. Why does that happen, weren’t we working all throughout the day? Well, that happens because you were just working, and that’s not being productive. Your ‘work’ at times also includes emails, Facebook, Twitter (Social Media basically), or something even as simple as not being attentive.

So here are 5 simple and easy ways that can help you be more productive, read on:

  1. Meditate:
    Now, I am not mentioning this only because I am in the field of Yoga, but it is a tried and tested method. After meditating, you can feel a lot more energetic yet calm. The kind of vibe that makes you want to finish off work but in a calm way and not in a crazy-panic-mode-way. Start your day with meditating just for 5 minutes and you can definitely get an edge over your day, right from the beginning.
    Try it for yourself, give 5 minutes to meditation for a minimum of 7 days, and you will definitely feel the difference. (If you want me to do a separate post on ‘How to Meditate’ then let me know, and I shall be happy to help you with it)
  2. Make Priority Lists:
    Priority lists are a little different from the normal To-do lists. In To-do lists, you jot down every single thing that you need to tick off before calling it a day, be it personally or professionally. Whereas in priority lists you write down things that you have to do for the day in terms of the need/urgency/priority.
    For example, for me, my priority would be to write a blog post than doing my nails.
    Try finishing off the items from the high priority category first and then if you have the time, you can move on to the less important tasks.
  3. Keep Distracts at Bay:
    We all are surrounded by Social Media or basic distractions, right? How many times has this happened to you, when you regret spending hours on YouTube or the internet or even your phone? I am pretty sure that must have happened quite often.
    Consciously take the efforts to stay away from such distractions as much as you can or at least when you are busy with your work. Because let’s face the fact, we NEVER stop at just one YouTube video, do we?
  4. Clean your Surroundings:
    I know this might sound a little off-topic to you concerning, ‘What has cleaning go to do with being productive?’ So basically, the whole logic of this is that if your surroundings are clean then that leads to clean mind and that leads to more productivity. It is as simple as that.
    Recently, I also came across these few videos on the internet about the same thing, ‘Make your bed every morning and get successful.’
    There’s no harm in giving such a thing a shot, right? So clear surroundings = clean mind = better productivity.
  5. 5-minutes Rule:
    If a thing/task can be done in under 5 minutes, then don’t even think twice, and just finish it off. Procrastination has never done well to anyone. Don’t let it get to you.
    The task can be as simple as watering the plants or even replying to an email.
    If it can be done, then just do it.

These were my top 5 ways of being more productive. If you have more ways and tips then leave them in the comments below and I would love to read them.



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