Casual Lunch Outfit

Hey, you guys!

Every girl has a closet full of clothes yet she has nothing to wear, right? ( you know, the struggle is real! ) Even I keep on having such moments, but this time around I thought a way out of this whole situation – Mix and Match. So I had bought this really simple yet cute, light pink basic top and I had not really worn it before. After much contemplation, I thought of pairing it up with my black legging, so that the focus remains on the top. It was looking really nice and cute, but my shoes were just too simple, so even though I wanted to wear something comfortable, but it was just pulling down my look, and I decided to pull out my heels. Little did I know, that just a simple pair of heels could transform my outfit. I ended up loving that look. Here are some pictures from that day and the outfit details are below!

Outfit Details:

Top: H&M
Legging: Zara
Shoes: Forever21
Bag: Forever21
Ring: Forever 21
Lipstick: MAC Ruby Woo

Location Courtesy: Hitchki, Powai

Did you like this look?


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