Nature’s Absolutes – Virgin Almond Oil Review

Hey, you guys!

Ever since Nature’s Absolutes sent me their Virgin Almond Oil, I have been using this product religiously. If you know me well enough, then you would know that I am a little extra when it comes to my hair and that I would do anything for them. The Virgin Almond Oil is a blessing for me. What could be better than not using harmful chemicals and using pure Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Kernel Oil instead?
This oil by Nature’s Absolutes is packed with nutrients, but still, the product is quite light and also can be used for multiple reasons.

Let’s jump straight into the review!

The packaging of the product is quite simple, which in turn makes it look classy and sophisticated. I also found it to be very sober and it did have a lingering fragrance of the oil. Good thing that it isn’t made up of glass but it is in a plastic bottle with a lid, which I think is great because it makes it easier to carry along while traveling. It also has a very nice and light fragrance, which I like, as they have focused more on the oil!

Just take a few drops of Nature’s Absolutes Virgin Almond Oil onto your palm and apply to your hair in a nice massaging manner. I usually apply more oil to my roots and the remaining oil to the lengths of my hair. Similarly, you can also apply a few drops on your skin, and it won’t even make your face look greasy, so that’s a plus point. Right on the application, you can feel the instant softness and also you will be able to differentiate between a regular almond oil and a Pure Cold Pressed Almond Oil, the almond essence is quite strong. It doesn’t feel heavy at all, it is very light on the skin as well as the hair. While using the Virgin Almond Oil with an essential oil, all you need to do is take 30 ml of this oil and add 12 drops of your essential oil to dilute it. And voila, you have an amazing beauty regime ready for you!


  • It is a very versatile oil that suits almost all skin types, so you can easily use the Virgin Almond Oil in your beauty regime (I will be adding my beauty regime with this oil at the end of the post).
  • It can also be used a base/carrier oil to all your essential oils to dilute them.
  • The Virgin Almond Oil works amazingly well on dry hair, as it nourishes and conditions them, making them shiny, smooth and vibrant.
  • It gives the nourishment right from the roots and strengthens the brittle hair that is more likely to result in hair fall, split ends and also helps to soothe an irritated scalp and reduce dandruff.
  • This oil can also be used as a moisturizer for your face to make it look radiant and firm and fights the signs of aging as well.
  • It can be used as a makeup remover too while improving the skin tone and giving it the healthy glow that it deserves.
  • It is also very effective in reducing stretch marks from your body and it also helps to remove dirt and grime.
  • Want fuller eyelashes and eyebrows? Simply apply this oil and get thicker and darker hair.
  • The Virgin Almond Oil can also be used in your mani-pedi sessions. Simply apply the oil to your cuticles and strengthen your brittle nails and give them the shine to take on this world!

I am definitely buying this versatile and amazing product again. And I would highly recommend it you guys, as well! Just give it a try once and you will know what I am talking about!

220 ml


It is so natural and pure that you have to use it within 6 months of opening the bottle. So I just wish there was mini version of this available, as I don’t think I’ll be able to finish it off in 6 months (but I am trying to get the pure Indian-ness out of me)
Also, ensure that you do a patch test before using any kinds of oil!

Where to buy:
You can easily buy it from their Website.

My Beauty Regime with Nature’s Absolutes Virgin Almond Oil:
Before washing my hair, I make sure that I generously apply the oil on my hair and tie it a bun. Once a week, I also use a hot towel to wrap around my hair, making my own mini hair spa at home.
I also use this product to remove heavy makeup from my face as this makes the whole procedure very easy and quick.
And lastly, once a week, before stepping into the shower, I apply a good quantity of the Virgin Almond Oil all over my body and later use a loofah to scrub it off. This not only leaves my skin soft but it also removes all the dead skin and tough dirt!

Which oil do you use?


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