Eat Any Time Snack Bars

Hey, you guys!

So earlier this week I received an amazing package comprising of Healthy Snack Bars from Eat Any Time. Now, healthy snack bars are just bars that you can munch on after working out, or while commuting, or in case you missed a meal. As the main intention of such bars is to fill you up when you are hungry so that you don’t binge on any junk food. These are healthy, tasty as well as filling.

Product Description:
The product that I received was a box comprising of 4 different flavors/variants of the Choco Peanut Butter Snack Bars namely: Peanut Butter & Choco, Mango Ginger, Orange and Bambaiya Chaat. Each of these products contains healthy base items like Oats, Quinoa Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Almond, Pumpin Seeds and lots of tasty element.

I was very impressed with the packaging, the box as well as the individual bars. However, the box was a bit torn, if that wouldn’t have happened I would have been super impressed. Anyway, about the packaging, it has these zig zag lines at the top and the fonts are attractive as well. It makes you want the product, that gives it a plus point I think. The products were placed nicely in the box and each snack bar had its own individual packaging too. Some had trays in the packet where somewhere direct open and eat bars, just like chocolates.

Peanut Butter & Choco:
This was my favorite one from the lot. It tasted really good and by the end of it, I wished that I had more. However, it wouldn’t be a very good option if you are on-the-go because it was a little bit crumbly and soggy. But the taste is heavenly, you definitely get the taste of both, Peanut Butter as well as Chocolate. It was filling enough, as in I wasn’t hungry at all after having this one full bar.

Bambaiya Chaat:
This Snack Bar had an amazing concept and I think the execution went well too! Now you don’t need to rush to an unhygienic chaat stall to satisfy your tangy-masala chaat craving. All you need to do is open this snack bar and get the exact taste that you were craving for but in a much healthier manner. This bar is not only filling for the sake of a Healthy Snack Bar but it also gives you the taste that you need. It was crunchy, little spicy, fulfilled the hunger pang of something chatpata, and it truly presents the Chaat of Bombay to you, just in the form of a Healthy, hygienic Snack Bar.

Mango Ginger:
You can easily depend on this bar if you have a sudden sugar rush or sugar craving. Only it won’t impact your health negatively, but give you the instant energy that you need on-the-go. This one doesn’t contain any tray in it, and it is well bound together, so you can easily grab this bar while you go through your daily commute and you are sorted. It contains Dehydrated Mango (Aam Papad) and you can definitely get the taste of it. This bar also has this amazing after taste to it, that makes you want to open another packet right away, but you don’t because it has already filled you up.

Do you remember the orange cream biscuits we used to have and love in our childhood? Well, if you ever feel like having that again, just grab this snack bar and relive your childhood days. This is not only tasty but also healthy and refreshing! With the taste and smell of orange, it instantly peeps up your mood. So now you know what to eat when you are commuting and not liking that one element that is killing your mood.

Definitely, give these bars a try, and I am pretty sure you will buy them again!

Where to buy it from?
You can buy these bars from Amazon or visit their website for more details.

The box costs ₹ 250, which consists of 6 Healthy Snack Bars, while an individual bar costs ₹ 50.

Have you tried the Eat Any Time Healthy Snack Bars? What do you think about it?


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