Essential Oils 101

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Every one that I come across on the internet is using Essential Oils these days. They are so much in demand and easily available in the market. But before going with the herd, it is important to be well informed about what exactly are these essential oils. So let’s dive straight into it:

What are Essential Oils?
Don’t we all love the fragrance of trees and flowers? Well, that’s exactly where Essential Oils come from. These oils are highly concentrated and aromatic and are distilled from the flowers, roots, leaves, stems, basically parts of aromatic plants. So these oils are mostly water based or cold/steam pressed.
These oils are also known as volatile oils or the oil of the plants from which they are taken or extracted. By ‘essential’ they basically mean the ‘essence of’ the fragrance of the plant they are taken from. Don’t go by the term ‘oil’ literally, as they are usually clear and don’t have that oily feeling as such.

Uses of Essential Oils?
These Essential Oils have quite a few uses like physical therapeutic benefits as well as psychological benefits. They have been in use for centuries together for aromatic and healing purposes but it is only now that they are getting the bigger market for it. They are also used in certain soaps, perfumes, cosmetics and also for adding that extra fragrance to our household products.

How to use Essential Oils?
It is generally advised to use Essential Oils with some carrier oil because of their high rate of concentration, basically just to dilute it. Some oils are used for inhalation purpose while some are used for application to the skin.

How to pick an Essential Oil?
There are a number of Essential Oils out there, just read about their various uses online and you can find a suitable match for yourself. There is a variety of them available like Lavender, Tea Tree, Lemongrass, Grapeseed, Jojoba, and lots more.

Do you have any more doubts regarding Essential Oils? Then drop them in the comments below!


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