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Hey, you guys!

Being a blogger can sometimes eat up a lot of time. From drafting blog posts to brainstorming ideas, collaborating with brands and handling personal life and my Yoga career can become a little tricky to manage. That’s when I came across an angel in disguise – The Haptik App.

The Haptik App is a personal assistant right at your fingertips. You can ask this assistant to do a certain task or to remind you for all sorts of work. Be it finding a cheap flight for you or simply waking you up early in the morning, they have everything covered. Since I am not an early riser, I would always ask my Mother or friends to wake me up by calling me, because somehow I understand my ringtone better than my alarm tone. After I started using the Haptik App, I was happy to a great extent, because with this app, all you need to do is ask the assistant to wake you up at a certain time and they’ll do so with a personalised call! Isn’t this amazing?

Also, being constantly on my toes, I often forget to drink water and later on it complicates my health, I have also spoken about the value of water on my YouTube channel. Haptik app has got that covered too! After setting an alert, the app constantly keeps on notifying you to drink more water!

Cabs, flights, reminders, to-do lists, wake-up calls, and what not, everything under one roof. You don’t need to waste your precious phone memory on multiple apps when just one great app can do all the work for you. I would seriously recommend this app to you guys!

You can download this app on Android as well as iOS.

Let me know your experience with the Haptik App in the comments below!


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